Zaberias is a thrilling and engaging board game that transports players to a world of fantasy, strategy, and epic battles. The game is designed for 2-4 players, and each player takes control of one of the four distinct tribes: Guardians, Orcs, Humans, or Undead, each with its own set of powerful units. The objective of the game is to conquer cities and defeat enemy tribes. Zaberias offers a rich and varied gameplay experience that will keep players engaged and excited for countless hours.

four tribes

The game is designed for players of all skill levels, and it is easy to learn but challenging to master. The compact and portable nature of the game boards makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and the publication system of the game is brilliant. When the front cover of the chosen tribe is turned over, it becomes a portion of the map, and the tiles, coins, and dice are playable right out of the tray. The artwork is bright, colorful, and engaging for kids, but it is also suitable for adults looking for a tactical war game with enough depth to hold their attention. Overall, Zaberias looks very exquisite. The artwork is stunning, even better than a mobile game, and much more fun too.

four maps


Zaberias includes high-quality components that enhance the overall gaming experience. The game comes with a beautifully designed game board featuring the world of Zaberias, where players will move their units and strategize their moves. Additionally, there are five sets of intricately designed unit pieces for each of the tribes, with unique abilities and characteristics.

The game also includes custom dice for each tribe, which are used during combat to determine the outcome of each battle. Rolling for skulls, swords, or axes is much more fun than adding up numbers. The rulebook provides a comprehensive guide to playing and detailed explanations of each unit’s abilities and restrictions. The artwork and graphic design of the components are top-notch, immersing players in the world of Zaberias and adding to the game’s overall atmosphere. Consequently, this also helps the players to learn some of the movement rules intuitively. 

four races


Zaberias’ gameplay is centered around players’ proficiency to use each tribe’s unique units and abilities strategically. Players must carefully consider their moves, considering the strengths and weaknesses of their units and those of their opponents. The game is played on a modular board, with each tribe’s city positioned at its respective corner.


Throughout the game, players will engage in battles, capture enemy cities, and use their units’ abilities to gain the upper hand in combat. The game’s mechanics are well-designed, providing players with a balanced, fair experience that rewards strategic thinking and planning

Each tribe is comprised of various unit types already familiar to RPG players, such as Sorcerers, Siphons, Helpers, Mighty Titans, and Flying Dragons. These units have unique abilities and characteristics that can significantly impact the outcome of a battle. Therefore, understanding the intricacies of each unit is essential to formulating a winning strategy.

The combat in Zaberias is resolved using the custom dice, with the attacker rolling first, followed by the defender. The result of the dice roll, combined with the units’ abilities, determines the battle’s outcome. The game’s combat system is simple yet engaging, keeping players invested in each confrontation.

The gameplay of Zaberias is highly replayable, as the modular board and variety of unit abilities ensure that no two games are the same. Players can experiment with different strategies and combinations of units, constantly honing their skills and discovering new ways to dominate the world of Zaberias.


Zaberias is a game that rewards strategic thinking and careful planning. Players must consider not only the abilities of their own units but also their opponents. As a result, the game offers a wide range of tactical options, with each tribe having unique strengths and weaknesses.

One key aspect of the game is understanding and utilizing the unique abilities of each unit type. For example, the Undead have high range and powerful resurrection abilities, while the Humans can support other friendly units or even merge them into one. Knowing when and how to use these abilities effectively is crucial to success in Zaberias.  

Additionally, players must consider the positioning of their units on the board. Adequately positioning units can protect vulnerable cities, cut off enemy movement, or set up powerful combinations of abilities. The modular board and the ability to move units across it add a layer of strategy and depth to the game. Small tip: stay away from the RHINO RIDER!! Try to kill it from afar before it kills you.

Unit Attack

The combat system in Zaberias also offers strategic opportunities. Players must decide when to engage in battle, weighing the potential benefits of a victory against the risks of defeat. Moreover, the dice-rolling mechanics introduce an element of luck and unpredictability, forcing players to adapt their strategies on the fly.

Another crucial aspect of strategy in Zaberias is managing resources and unit limits. Each tribe can only have a certain number of unit types on the board, so players must carefully allocate their resources and decide which units to prioritize.

Players will also need to think ahead, anticipate their opponent’s moves, and react to the ever-changing state of the board. Forming temporary alliances or engaging in diplomacy with other players can be advantageous, but ultimately, only one player can emerge as the ruler of Zaberias. Knowing when to betray an ally or when to strike at an opportune moment can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Learning Curve

Zaberias has a moderate learning curve, as the game’s mechanics and unit abilities are easy to grasp but challenging to master. The rulebook provides a comprehensive guide to the game, with clear explanations of each unit’s abilities and restrictions.

New players may initially feel overwhelmed by the variety of units and their abilities. Still, after a few games, they will begin to understand the nuances and depth of the gameplay. Zaberias is a game that rewards practice and experience, with players continually discovering new strategies and tactics as they become more familiar with the game.


The world of Zaberias is a rich and immersive fantasy setting, with each tribe having its own unique culture, history, and characteristics. The game’s components, such as the beautifully designed board and intricately detailed unit pieces, contribute to the overall atmosphere and theme of the game.

Zaberias does an excellent job of blending its theme with its mechanics, as the abilities and strengths of each tribe’s units reflect their respective cultures and traits. This integration of theme and gameplay helps to create a more engaging and immersive experience for players.


Zaberias boasts high replayability, as the modular board and wide variety of unit abilities ensure that no two games will be the same. Furthermore, if you play with the guardians, the game board will frequently rotate, giving you another puzzle to solve. In addition, the game’s balanced mechanics and strategic depth encourage players to experiment with different strategies and unit combinations, further adding to the game’s replayability.

Additionally, the unique abilities of each tribe mean that playing with a different tribe can offer a fresh and distinct experience, as players must adapt their strategies to suit the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen tribe. With so many possible strategies and paths to victory, players will repeatedly return to the world of Zaberias.


Zaberias is a captivating and strategically rich board game that offers players an exceptional gaming experience. With its engaging gameplay, immersive theme, and high replayability, Zaberias is a must-have for fans of strategy board games.

The game’s balanced mechanics and the unique abilities of each tribe’s units provide players with countless strategic options and endless opportunities for experimentation. Consequently, the moderate learning curve ensures that the game remains accessible to new players while offering a deep and rewarding experience for seasoned gamers.

In conclusion, Zaberias is a great board game combining strategy, tactics, and immersive gameplay in a beautifully designed package. It is a game that will undoubtedly provide countless hours of entertainment and challenge for players of all skill levels. Finally, we could not stress this enough: Stay away from the RHINO RIDER!!!!