Are you having a party and wondering what are the best party board games you could play with your friends? You have definitely come to the right place. We have just finished baking our top 10 party game picks for you!

Any party can be livened up with a good board game. No matter your preferences, there is a range of options to help you get your party going in no time, and add a fun twist to any gathering!

From the mystery of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong to the high drama of Codenames, the time has come to test yourself in the ultimate board game challenge. Can you hold your nerve long enough to succeed? Or will your team pull together in time to get the right result and win the game?

Whether you are looking for the best board games for a dinner party, family night, sleepover, or simply to keep a large group entertained, we have put together a list of the top ten party board games you can buy. So what are you waiting for? Get your group together, and fight for the win!

Image Players / Time / Age / DifficultyTop 10 Party Board Games

Best Party Game Overall – Codenames

Best Party Game Overall – Codenames

According to BGG, Codenames is the best rated party board game ever made. An epic team vs. team clash of one-word clues to identify other team’s spies on the board.

2 – 8 15 Min 10+ Very Easy

Best Team Vs. Team – Decrypto

Best Team Vs. Team – Decrypto

A competitive and cooperative party board game at once. Teams try to decode messages from their teammates and intercept messages from the rival team to crack their code! Fun and tension, it has it all.

3 – 8 15 – 45 Min 10+ Easy

Best For Family – When I Dream

Best For Family – When I Dream

An abstract game where you get to be a Dreamwalker. You have found yourself lost in a dream and need to find the way out.

4 – 10 20-40 Min 8+ Very Easy

Best Charades – Monikers

Best Charades Alternative – Monikers

Smart three round charade system where the first round allows you to describe the person without giving the name. Second round only lets you say one word and in the third round – only gestures are allowed.

4 – 20 60 Min 16+ Very Easy

Best Quick Party Play – Love Letter Premium

Best Quick Party Play – Love Letter Premium

An abstract puzzle and deduction game that is extremely addictive and can be played with people of all ages and gaming preferences.

2 – 8 20-30 Min 8+ Very Easy

Best Investigation – Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Best Investigation – Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

A fast paced deception and deduction challenge to solve the murder case. The twist? Well, the murderer is amongst the players.

4 – 12 20 Min 12+ Easy

Best For Adults – Cards Against Humanity

Best For Adult Parties – Cards Against Humanity

Described as a ‘party game for horrible people’ pushes the limits of fun, ethics and moral all at once. All you need to do is to combine 2 or 3 cards with words to form a sentence. Crazy adult fun!

4 – 30 30 Min 16+ Very Easy

Best Intimidating – Cash n Guns

Best Intimidating – Cash n Guns

A party tabletop game about gangsters trying to split the loot. Words are not convincing, so you use guns. Yes, they come with the game!

4 – 8 30 Min 10+ Very Easy

Best Picture Guessing – Dixit: Odyssey

Best Picture Guessing – Dixit: Odyssey

A visual masterpiece mixed with smart and unique charade mechanics that earned Dixit the game of the year award. Have you ever used cards to guess other cards? If not, Dixit has everything to blow you away.

3 – 12 30 Min 8+ Very Easy

Best With Traitor – The Resistance: Avalon

Best With Traitor – The Resistance: Avalon

A game of secret identities, conspiracy and paranoia. An epic clash between good and evil, but no one knows who is who in the team.

5 – 10 30 Min 12+ Easy

Best Party Board Games – Our Top 10 Picks

1. Best Overall – Codenames

Enter the secret world of spies with Codenames, a game which combines secret agents, threats from assassins, quick thinking, and covert operations to help you battle to contact your agents in time!

Two teams compete to try and contact their secret agents, based on the few clues they receive from the team spymaster. These clues are just one word and could correspond to multiple words on the board.

Teams must be careful to guess the words of the correct color and avoid any which belong to the rival group. The biggest challenge? Avoiding the assassin at all cost!

Players are split into two teams with one spymaster and a number of field operatives in each. Twenty-five codename tiles are randomly picked and placed face down in a five-by-five grid.

The gameplay is relatively straightforward as most of the game is summarised on a small keycard. Blue squares are for the blue agents to guess, and red squares are for the red agents to guess. The pale squares represent innocent bystanders, and the black square is the assassin, someone you never want to pick.

The spymaster’s job is coming up with a one-word clue and a number to help their team guess where their agent on the grid is. The word represents a theme and the number represents how many cards on the grid are relevant to the clue. Based on the clue field operatives must discuss to figure out the cards to flip over.

You want to guess cards with your team’s agent and eventually uncover all of them to win. Flipping innocent bystanders end the turn whereas flipping the assassin tile ends the game immediately in epic failure.

Codenames party edition is one of the top deals as far as value is concerned

Codenames represent a straightforward, easy to learn the concept which lends itself well to hours of fun and an interesting game to keep your party entertained. It can offer a unique insight into players thought processes and offers a chance to be creative and daring in a way that many other games cannot offer. The risk of the assassin adds an edge throughout the play, and the ability for either team to equally win heightens the excitement!

Bottom Line
Codenames is currently the #1 best-rated party board game on the market according to Board Games Geek. The game delivers a thrill of team vs. team competitive gameplay that is full of surprises and smart deduction. Work out the connections between words, and try to think cleverly to outsmart the other team and get all of your words covered! A deep game with accessible rules to get your brain thinking and working.
easy to learn rules Short, light and simple
tons of happy gamers Intelligent and engaging gameplay
Fun to both win and loose
Top rated party board game according to the Board Game Geek
First playthrough may be confusing
Abstract game hidden behing the theme

2. Best Team Vs. Team – Decrypto

Decrypto is a game that pushes your detective skills to the limit.

You need to send a secret message to your team mates while keeping your location a secret from your enemies!

This scramble communication game requires quick thinking, reaction, and creativity to remain hidden.

Players are split into two teams, and each has to correctly interpret the coded messages which their teammates present to them, while also cracking the codes received from the opposing team.

Each team in Decrypto has its own screen that contains four cards in pockets numbered 1-4. The team members can see the words on these cards while keeping them hidden from the opposition.

There are two rounds, in the first one, a team member takes a code card, which shows three of the digits 1-4 in random order – e.g., 1-3-2. The player has to deliver a coded message to their teammates to help them guess this code. The team will have pre-agreed code words for each digit, for example, ‘pig,’ ‘fish,’ ‘dog’ and ‘house.’ If the player then says ‘house,’ ‘pig,’ ‘fish,’ the team will have to work out that this means ‘4-1-2.’

In the second round, team members give clues about their words, to match a numbered code. It is the job of the other team to guess this numbered code. If correct, they receive a white mark of success. If they fail, the original team must guess the number correctly or receive a black mark themselves. When one team has two white marks, they are declared the winners.

The basic goal is to intercept the enemy codes, and this makes for a creative and exciting game that keeps players guessing and highly engaged. The need to work as part of a team offers a collaborative element to the process, and it is genuinely satisfying to see your team reach success.

Anyone who enjoys a team vs. team board games will find Decrypto delivering a fun, collaborative, and rewarding experience. Despite relatively straightforward rules, there is enough depth to remain strategic, entertaining, and engaging throughout.

Bottom Line

Being one of the top-rated party board games on the market, Decrpto is an incredible team vs. team entertainment. If you like codes, intrigue, and clever puzzles, wrapped in both competitive and collaborative experience – this could easily be the top party board game pick for you!

party team game with a sign of challenging questions Fun team vs. team experience
Engaging, tense and a lot of fun
Requires quick thinking
Forces you to play it smart

Minor downtime when encryptors are not being quick

Rules can be confusing initially

3. Best For Family – When I Dream

When I Dream is an immersive experience that can accommodate up to 10 players in a magical and surreal world of dreams.

The game is thematic, features stunning artwork, and comes with a physical plastic 3D bed and beautiful board and pieces.

When night falls, the players enter the dream world where the tricky Dream Spirits greet them!

Are you a good spirit, looking to help the dreamer navigate the troubles, or are you a naughty spirit, looking to spread chaos?

The game could go either way and playing good and not so good spirits is both fun and exciting.

Each round, a player takes on the role of the Dreamer. They ‘fall asleep’ wearing a night mask while other players are secretly dealt with their role cards. This helps to determine whether they are good or evil spirits, or whether they are ‘tricksters’ who change roles as the game progresses.

Round lasts two minutes where spirits draw Dream Cards, showing a specific element of the dream. They try to describe the vision to the dreamer using a single word. If the dreamer guesses the element of the dream, the good spirits team side is awarded a point card. Alternatively, the card goes to the naughty spirits.

The Dreamer and good spirits receive one point for every card in the good spirits pile, and the same applies to the evil spirits for each card in their collection. Tricksters earn points depending on how well balanced the two teams were. If the piles are equally balanced, they get extra points.

Before the dreamer opens their eyes at the end of the round, they must use the words they guessed to tell the dream to gain extra points.

An excellent party game that can be played with kids, guests or family in under 30 minutes

When I Dream is a game that is quick to pick up and play, making it suitable for players of all ages and abilities. From the first moment, there are plenty of laughs as players try to guess the elements of the dream correctly, and each round is different as they come directly from the imagination.

The roles are well balanced in terms of participation, giving everyone an equal chance to play. The game is highly accessible, a pleasure to look at, and is straightforward to learn which makes it one of the top family party board games out there that can be enjoyed in around 20 minutes.

Bottom Line

Earning its place in the rankings of fun party board games, When I Dream offers good, clean fun which can involve the whole family. If you like dreaming, playing spirits or have a great sense of imagination, When I Dream is set to deliver laughs, thematic immersion, and fun in spades.

Stunning art and thematic feel
Easily played with the whole family
Different experience playing different roles
Highly accessible
Can be tricky for some to come up with hints and ideas fast

4. Best Charades Alternative – Monikers

Monikers is a fast-paced, often hilarious card game that is based on a classic charades mechanic where players need to answer questions and guess who they are without mentioning any names.

The game is based on a well-known party board game called Celebrity and adds a couple of great twists to make the gameplay more engaging and fun.

Are your skills of impersonation good enough to communicate your identity? Find out in one of the top fun party board games for adults, especially if your group is large.

The idea behind Monikers is simple: you select a card which has on it the name of a celebrity, historical figure, internet meme, or other well-known personality.

The goal is to play as many cards as possible in sixty seconds, and the levels move from acting and using words to describe the person, to a charades-style silent movement, to the final round: get your team to guess the card with just one single word. The only rule? At no point can you mention the name on the card – everything else is fair game!

A point is awarded for each correct guess, and at the end of the game, the team with the most points wins: it really is that simple!

It is a fast-paced and fun game that will leave you howling with laughter at your teammate’s impressions! You will have to think outside the box and be as creative as possible in order to win and help your team guess, and the guessers will have to be prepared to broaden their minds and ideas to win the point. Hours of fun from one of the most simple card games ever made!

Bottom Line

Monikers is the easiest and simplest party board game in our review. You can literally pick it up and get going in one minute without doing any front loading. If your group likes guessing contemporary people and events as well as you can appreciate a near-perfect mix of half trivia, half charades – Monikers is amongst the best party board games for large groups you will find.

hours of fun for people with a sign of entertaining answers Works with any number of players
Simple to set up and get started
Portable, can be played anywhere
basic rules make it excellent for kids The easiest game in our list
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantages Not for you if you are not interested in famous people

5. Best for Dinner Party – Love Letter Premium Edition

Love Letter Premium Edition takes the highly awarded classic card game Love Letter and makes it a bit better.

The key changes are a greatly improved component quality and the expanded support to eight players.

The goal of the game is to win the heart of Princess Annette of the Tempest. Unfortunately for you, she has resorted to locking herself away in the palace, and you must rely on other people to deliver your romantic platitudes and letters of love!

With competition at every turn, will yours be the one to reach her first, or will a rival thwart you?

Love Letter Premium Edition is a game about taking risks, much like love itself. The game is divided into rounds, each representing one day. At the end of each round, one letter reaches the Princess for her to read. When she receives enough letters from one suitor, she falls in love, and grants the player permission to court her, naming them the winner in the game and love!

A round starts with each player drawing the top card from a deck and adding it to their existing hand. The player then discards one card face up in front of them and applies any effect of the card – even if it doesn’t help you. Keep all discarded cards visible this helps the other players to figure out which cards other players may have.

When the deck is empty, a round ends. The person closest to the princess delivers the letter, and Princess Annette retreats to read it. All those still playing reveal their hands, and the player with the highest-ranking wins the round and receives a token of affection. They also begin the next round, having received a favorable review from the princess at breakfast. The game continues until the princess has chosen a suitable suitor for her affections.

An easy to learn party game that only takes 20 minutes to play and can even be enjoyed with kids

The game presents a fast-paced challenge that is easy to pick up and play. It keeps players guessing and competing for the love of the princess until the very last minute. It is a fun, light game designed to entertain, and has the bonus of being beautifully presented and carefully crafted to enhance the whole playing experience.

Despite having a theme, the game is abstract at heart. There is a very little feel of chasing the princess to win her heart, but rather solid, straightforward guessing of the roles other players have in the current round. This is not necessarily a bad thing at all, though.

If you are planning a great evening with your friends and need a quick, simple, fun, and abstract game to play – bring Love Letter, it is one of the best dinner party board games for the job.

Bottom Line
For the fans of party card games, Love Letter is a unique and smart game that ticks all the right boxes for deduction, intrigue, and fun lovers. It is quick-paced and requires very little rule explanation before you can hit the road running. For groups 3 to 8 players, it sits amongst the best party card and board games around.
one of the most hilarious products we've tested this year Fast, fun and smart gameplay
the premium edition featuers top quality components Component quality is top notch
Endless replay value
Easy to hold bigger size cards
Not as portable as the original version
May feel too abstract to some

6. Best Group Investigation – Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a fast-paced deduction challenge designed to keep you on your toes as you attempt to solve a murder.

Players take on the roles of investigators tasked with solving a tricky murder case.

The clues are before you, and your team is made up of experts with unique skills and abilities to help you jointly solve the case.

What’s the twist you may ask? Well, the murderer is sitting amongst you, but you do not know who that is.

How Do I Play?

Each player is randomly assigned a secret identity/role before starting the game. The basic roles are:

Forensic Scientist
The key to the crime, the Forensic Scientist assists the Investigators in providing Key Evidence and Means of Murder. It is important that this player gives no indication as to the solution.

When the crime occurs, the Murderer takes one clue card and one means card – this is the solution to the crime, and provide the key evidence and means of murder. They must then do everything in their power to hide their role and point the finger elsewhere! Even if they are identified, the means and evidence must also be recognized for them to lose the game.

The players responsible for solving the crime, They must examine hints provided by the Forensic Scientist and must identify the key evidence and means of murder. This fact allows the murderer to be arrested, and the investigators to win. Don’t forget that the murderer may be an investigator – trust no-one!

They know the murderer and the solution to the crime and win alongside the murderer if the evidence is not identified.

An Investigator who saw the culprits fleeing the scene. They do not know the identities of the murderer or accomplice and do not see the solution to the crime. If the murderer is arrested, but successfully identifies the witness, the latter is killed. This means the murderer and accomplice get away with their offense and emerge victoriously!

Deception is an easy to learn and play party game that takes 20 minutes to play

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is an exciting game that pits friends against friends and leaves anything possible. The murderer could be hiding in the ranks of the Investigators, and it is necessary to second guess every clue and statement in order to get to the bottom of what is happening.

At the same time, the game is highly accommodating which means that the whole family can play and take on different roles. The diverse characters are also excellent as they ensure every party session is unique and fun.

Bottom Line

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a perfect deduction and deception party board game for groups up to 12 players. It represents a battle of wits that requires the players to be sharp to pay attention to details to win. If you are a fan of mysteries and murder, put your detective hat on with the best party board game for the job.

Flexible enough for multiple players
Intriguing and engaging storyline for a party board game
Fun and entertaining guesswork
Can play multiple roles (not just investigators and murderer)
Can drag if you have no time limits

7. Best For Adult parties – Cards Against Humanity

Described as a “party game for horrible people” Cards Against Humanity is like no party game you have played before. I think partly because no other publisher has had enough courage to step over blurry lines of ethics, respect, and morale.

A chance to laugh at the darker side of life, this is a no-holds-barred, in your face offense-fest; and one which can prove to be absolutely hilarious when paired with the right company.

Not one for the faint-hearted, this is a card game that pushes the limits further than you have previously dared. You’ll need to hold your nerve to play all the way through!

The party card game immerses players in situations that range from hilarious laughter to things that are just dead wrong. In other words, all the things you should not say or think – you get to do it this time around!

The rules are as simple as it can ever get. The game takes only a couple of minutes to set up and you are ready to go. It begins with each player drawing ten white cards and selecting one player – a ‘Card Czar’ to play a black card. This player reads the card out loud, and everyone else answers the question or fills in the blank by passing the Card Czar one white card. The Czar then shuffles all the cards and reads out all possible phrases combinations; the funniest wins an Awesome point. After each round, a new player becomes the Card Czar, and everyone draws ten new white cards.

cards against humanity is a party game that is easy to learn and play in under 20 minutes

Cards Against Humanity is one of the best party card games for adults and has easily earned its place in our top ten. It is genuinely funny, easy to play, and is guaranteed to add a spark to any party. It can be played with any number of players, and should appeal to most senses of humor.

At the same time, this party card game is not for everyone; I’d keep it away from your super-religious grandma or an uptight conservative neighbor as it walks the fine line for some cards.

Bottom Line
If you are looking for cheap, easy fun and some outrageous, non-PC humor, this might be right up your alley. Perfect to play with any number of people; it is one which will make you blush and laugh in equal measure.
so simple that can be played even when drunk Simple game to play and set up
works with small, large and even drunk groups Perfect for groups of all sizes
match a phrase on the white card with a phrase on the black card for ultimate fun Can be hilarious fun
many cards against humanity expansion products available Dozens of expansion packs available
Some may find the content offensive or inappropriate

8. Best Intimidating – Cash ‘n Guns

Ever wanted the chance to relieve your favorite gangster movie? Well, the wait is finally over with a unique twist on fun board games!

Cash ‘n Guns unfolds in an abandoned warehouse where players take on roles of gangsters trying to split the loot.

When the negotiation process gets stuck, how does a gangster band decide the best way to split their loot? They let their guns do the talking! The aim? To be the wealthiest man left standing when the smoke finally clears.

The game takes place over eight rounds, and a boss gets selected for each round. This player controls the pace of play. The gameplay is simple and easy to follow with the below simple steps:

  1. Loot cards are revealed on the table – this helps everyone see what is up for grabs and motivates them to win!
  2. Players load their guns – they select either a ‘Bang’ or ‘Click! Click!’ card from the hand they are dealt with.
  3. The Boss counts to three, and then each player points his gun at someone. The Boss has the right to tell whoever points at them to aim it in another person.
  4. The Boss counts to three again giving players a chance to chicken out
  5. The ones that stayed have to reveal their cards. Anyone who has been targeted by a ‘Bang’ is now wounded and misses out on getting any loot.
  6. Those who are eligible for loot take one loot card at a time from the table. This includes benefits such as the Boss position, medical care, a new bullet, money, or diamonds.

Once the loot has been split, the new round begins with a new boss. The game goes for eight rounds, after which the gangster with the most valuable stash wins.

Cash n Guns is a simple and easy to play game that works perfectly for anywhere between 4 and 8 players. Rules are simple to follow, and the limit of eight rounds means that you can fit in a game even in a short time.

The boss of the gang is randomly allocated, allowing everyone to have a fair turn, and this results in a fair and fast-paced game that everyone is free to enjoy. Not to be taken too seriously, this is a fun and fluffy experience that anyone should expect a great party board game to deliver.

Bottom Line

Cash and Guns is one of the top party board games out there if you like guns, gangs or to intimidate people (in a nice way). It brings loads of entertainment and can be enjoyed with a noisy party, friends or family, it really works in any setting. It is not a deep, strategic board game but rather a simple, yet physiological masterpiece that is highly addictive. In fact, it reminds me of poker as an ability to bluff, pull back and know when to go all in – is the key to winning the game.

basic rules and simple strategy Very simple to play
Tense player interaction
Everyone has an equal chance of winning
Foam guns!
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantages It is essential to have the right group
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantages Not all role cards feel perfectly balanced

9. Best Picture Guessing – Dixit: Odyssey

Dixit: Odyssey is based on the original Dixit board game that has received multiple awards and nominations including the most prestigious Game of the Year award in the board gaming industry.

For a combination of story and pure gaming experience, Odyssey offers a perfect blend that is both creative and unique.

Use your skills of deduction to help determine the cards held by the storyteller, and get enough points on your side to emerge as the ultimate victor.

Each player is given six cards, and draw another one after each round. In each turn, one player is given the role of the storyteller. This player then secretly chooses one of the cards in his hand and must find a way to describe this card. This description can be a sound, expression, song, word, or any other gesture, but should not be too obvious. This card is placed face down in the center of the table.

The other players choose a card within their own hand which matches this word or sentence, and this card is given to the storyteller who then lays out all the cards. The storyteller shuffles the cards and reveals them to the group. Players then vote on which card belongs to the storyteller. Conversely, the storyteller does not vote, and no-one is permitted to vote for their card.

The player’s place numbered tiles face down on the table, and once they have seen everyone cards try to guess which is the storytellers. Once the tiles are placed, the answers are revealed to see who voted for which card.

If everyone or no one guesses the card correctly, the storyteller gets no points, and the other players receive two. Otherwise, the storyteller and each of the correct guessers get three points each. Players will get one point for each vote their image receives.

Players then refill their hands, and the next player becomes the storyteller. The game ends when the decks run out, and the player who has the most points wins.

An excellent party game recommended for visual people that goes for 30 minutes and includes beautiful cards

Overall, the game represents a simple concept, and one which allows creativity and imagination to run riot – the more you play, the more dramatic and creative the descriptions will be. This game offers an ideal way to stretch your brain and use the most unique, imaginative ways to describe simple concepts.

The key is clarity; the storyteller cannot be so clear that the game is immediately given away, nor must they be so vague that no one has a chance to guess correctly. This balance can be a challenge to achieve and means that the game is kept engaging and players are forced to think on their feet and push the limits of the imaginations even further.

Dixit is a series of games and most of them are not only a great choice for large groups. So, if you need a board game for a smaller group and a family, you can have one game that fits both occasions perfectly.  Alternatively, If you are after trivia party games, check out our latest top 10 trivia games review.

Bottom Line

Dixit Odyssey is a creative and imaginative game which is suitable for parties, friends, kids and the entire family. It brings lots of visual entertainment to the table with a hint of strategy mixed in. The level of intricacy and detail can be easily adjusted to suit different players, offering a flexible and fun experience. A must-have party game for anyone’s collection.

Excellent artwork, beautiful cards and pieces
Basic, yet creative gameplay
Scoring system is easy to follow
High replay value
for visual products, component quality is a miss Tokens and boards are mediocre quality

10. Best Traitor – The Resistance: Avalon

The Resistance: Avalon is a hidden identity party card game brought to us by a Kickstarter campaign.

It is based on a classic Mafia game that has created the entire traitor genre and secret identities.

In the game, players take on sides of good or evil in a battle for the future of civilization.

As you progress throughout the gameplay, King Arthur will be sending his brave warriors on quests, but there are minions of darkness carefully hiding amongst them.

For any quest to succeed, you need to make sure that only noble knights are chosen, otherwise, the mission may fail and see the end of humanity as we know it. But how do you know who is who?

Prepare to navigate yourself through this game of hidden and dubious loyalties, bluffing, deduction, and skill!

Players are randomly allocated to a team at the start of each game by dealing out secret identity cards specifying their character and loyalty to evil Mordred or the noble King Arthur. Some characters have special powers that could yield great advantage over opponents but have to be kept secret as it could give players away.

Straight after you get immersed in passionate conversations that aim to identify the minions of Mordred within our ranks. The players on the dark side will try to defeat the servants of Arthur, completing quests and missions without ever revealing their true identities.

If a minion manages to get themselves onto a mission, they can sabotage it and cause it to fail. Failing three missions will typically end the game with the evil side emerging victorious. Completing three missions would similarly grant the servants of Arthur a win.

Hence, the ‘good guys’ must use discussion, deduction, and, where needed, accusation, to help them identify just who each player really is. There are sure to be some nasty surprises in store!

Avalon - betrayal and mystery of the last standing

The latest incarnation of the Resistance series, Avalon is the ultimate social deduction game, the real challenge of which is figuring out who the good and bad guys are. With bluffing, double-bluffing, ruses and false truths, and the potential to be tripped up at any moment, this is a game which brings out the different side in each player.

We have noticed that shy people may become very vocal, whereas the typical active talkers get outspoken. In fact, the board game is perfect for team bonding exercises, or some may say ‘team breaking’ since you may struggle to easily switch between the tense bluffing full of lies and conspiracy to genuine and truthful day-to-day life.

The game has close to endless replayability as no two sessions are ever the same. Some gaming sessions can get overrun by emotions that are positive and result in hilarious fun that we are yet to see beaten by any other party-friendly board game we’ve played.

Moreover, despite bluffing and lying – we recommend this party game for team building activities. I do not know why it works, but we kept talking about it for days with the team at work.

Bottom Line

The Resistance: Avalon is deceptively simple board game of intrigue, bluff, and speculation. It brings out a different part of personality for every player that you don’t usually get to see in a mundane setting. Whether you are good or bad, being suspicious and at times paranoid is guaranteed. With dozens of sessions behind our back, each game is full of tension, passion, teamwork and plain hilarious eye-watering fun.

Lots of replay value with different roles available
Brings out new personality traits
Intriguing, tense and clever gameplay
Best party card game with secret identities we’ve ever played
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantages You need at least five players

How to Choose The Party Board Game For Your Gaming Group?

Before we recommend a party game, let’s first agree on what it actually means.

Party is a place for fun and frivolity, and you don’t want to risk wasting time with a game which isn’t quite right, or leaves half the players yawning in boredom! Instead, make sure your gathering gets off on the great note by picking from the top-rated party board games guaranteed to get the whole crowd involved.

Best party board games are addictive and fast-paced that are also accessible to all people despite their experience with board games. Simple rules, punchy twists, loads of fun, and high drama are just perfect for your awesome party. The outcome should be satisfying and a challenge to reach and of course, keep you guessing right up to the last roll of the dice.

Our review has considered games that are excellent fun, have a hint of strategy, and are tailored for large and small groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the best board games for dinner party?

Dinner parties are different, but if we make a couple of assumptions, we could probably come up with some of the most popular board games for dinner party suggestions. If we are talking about:

  • a board or a card game that a non-board gamer can play
  • something that can be started and finished quickly
  • the main purpose is to have a lot of fun
  • amount of players is important as you want to have anywhere from 4 to 8 players

If the above is roughly true, then I suggest you check out Love Letter, When I Dream or Cash and Guns if you want something very active.

What are the main types of party board games for groups consider?

There are three distinct types of party card games or board games to consider.

First, the charade type of games (e.g., Monkiers, Dixit) where with limited player interaction one player needs to depict a person, object or anything and the other person (or a team) needs to guess it. Those games have basic rules, bring loads of entertainment but are typically light on strategy.

Second, the traitor type of games (e.g., Avalon, Deception, Werewolves) where players have secret identities representing good and evil sides. Most of the time, those party games are full of tension and work amazing with guests and people new to board gaming.

Third, deduction type of games (e.g., Codenames, Love Letter) where you need to use your analytical skills, a bit of strategy and follow the game.

Lastly, there are also other games that represent hybrid concepts and playing modes of the above types.

What is a party board game?

Like any definition, it can be subjective. For us, it has to match the following criteria:
1. Board or card game
2. Can be played with 4 or more people
3. Does not require previous board gaming experience
4. Can be played under one hour, ideally 30 minutes
5. Is fun and full of laughter