As a self-proclaimed board game enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting games to play. Recently, we stumbled upon the delightful game called Sheep Dip and it did not disappoint. What follows is our Sheep Dip review for you all.

Sheep Dip Review: Setup
The initial setup

Sheep Dip is a quick to learn and easy to play game for grown-ups and kids who love a little silliness with their nature. In fact it is so easy that you don’t even need to explain the rules you can just start playing. It kind of reminds us on our old time favorite Sushi Go, in that simplicity. Furthermore, the final scoring is not complicated too. Players receive points for each flock card that they still posses at the end. The game ends when the last EWE DO card has been played. That’s all there is to it!

Flock Cards: The Silly Sheep of Sheep Dip

Sheep Dip is one of those games that keep you on the edge of your seat. The goal is to collect as many sheep cards as possible to score the most points and win the game. The Flock pack consists of 71 illustrated cards, with four different sheep breeds: Hardy Herdwicks, Leggy Leicesters, Sturdy Suffolks, and Bonnie Blackfaces. Each breed has 15 unique characters, with different point values ranging from 1 to 5.

Flock Cards in Sheep Dip
Bonnie Blackfaces family

During our play session, we remember getting a few hilarious cards that made the game even more enjoyable. For example, we had Flash, a green sheep card from the “Bonnie Blackfaces” breed, with a score of 5, and it said: “I’m not so fast these days.” We couldn’t help but laugh at that. Then there was Buzz, a blue sheep card with a score of 5, and it said: “They’re cramping my style.”

One of our favorite cards was Elvis, from the “Bonnie Blackfaces” breed, and it said: “That’s one good-looking ram.” It made us all chuckle, and I may have even belted out a few lines of “Hound Dog.” Everyone agreed that Elvis was, in fact, a handsome sheep. Another purple Hardy Herdwicks sheep card named “Lily” was picked up and it said “Of course I know who your father is.” We all joked about the drama between sheep families and the secrets they keep from one another. Finally, my friend Adam drew a card named “Rambo” with a score of 5 and the text “Look out ladies, I’m loaded.” We all laughed imagining a sheep with a bandana and machine gun.

Sheep Dip Review: Flock Cards
The heavy sheep artillery

The Flock pack also includes wild cards, trusty sheepdogs, and a special rainbow card worth 20 points that can help you win the game. We quickly learned that the wild cards could be used to complete a fold of five cards of the same breed, but they were not worth anything in the end. However, they could still come in handy if you needed to complete a fold quickly. The sheepdogs were a valuable asset to have, as they could protect your flock from the Hungry Wolf or Gate Left Open cards. Unfortunately, they couldn’t protect your flock from Rustlers, which made things a bit challenging.

But the real twist in the game came from the rainbow card. This special card has no color, which means it can be stolen at any time.

Ewe Do Cards: Adding Whimsy to Strategic Gameplay in Sheep Dip

The Ewe Do cards are action cards that allow you to protect, swap, and steal sheep in order to win. You can sell and buy on Market Days, add to your flock when anyone draws Sheep Dip, but beware of the Rustlers and Hungry Wolf, Unless it is you who is playing these cards Howoool! The 45 Ewe Do cards keep the game exciting especially because they vary in strength as well as in choosing a different target. This is the point where we have to say that this game is not for sore losers. For example, you might not get a good card or you can be the target of two or more players and while the other players rank up points you can feel a little bit left out. Nevertheless, the fun is there if you let it all the cards let you make funny sheep noises so you can still have a good time. One of the best moments during our game was when a friend played a Rustlers card and screamed “Yeehaw! I’m rustlin’ me some sheep!” It was a hilarious moment that added to the fun and light-hearted nature of the game.

Let’s Get Ewe Started: How to Play Sheep Dip

Sheep Dip Review: How to Play
Table presence

The game starts off with the dealer giving each player five Flock cards face-up and placing the remaining Flock cards and Ewe Do pack face-down on the board. The excitement builds as we eagerly anticipate the first Ewe Do card. The player who is selected first takes the top card from the Ewe Do pack and reads the instructions with all the enthusiasm of a shepherd tending to their sheep. As we continue to play, we make sure to keep an eye out for the elusive rainbow card, which is worth 20 points and can be stolen by any player at any time. It’s always hilarious when someone ends up with the rainbow card and yells “No, not my rainbow!” while other players cackle in glee. And when the last Ewe Do card is played, the final tally begins as we count up our points on the Flock cards, with each player hoping to be the top sheepdog of the game.

Keep Your Flock Safe

Sheep Dip Review: Rainbow
Rainbow Sheep

When playing Sheep Dip, the key to protecting your flock is to make a fold. This is done by collecting five cards of the same breed and putting them to one side, making sure to keep them safe. During the first games, my friends and I were so focused on collecting sheep that we didn’t realize that you can swap your folded wild card to get it back into play. It wasn’t until after a few games we realized the advantage it gives in the game. It’s important to remember that a fold can only consist of five cards of the same color and may include one wild card, but sheepdogs and the rainbow card cannot be put in a fold. And if you’re lucky enough to pick up a card that is the same breed as those in your fold and the fold contains a wild card, you can add the new card to the fold and return the wild card to your flock. So, don’t make the same mistake we did – make sure to get your wild card sheep from the fold back into play and increase your options!

Wild Card Swap: Shake Up Your Flock with a Playful Twist

Sheep Dip Review: Wild Cards
Ewe Do Wild Card and Wild Card Flock Card

I remember getting an EWE DO card giving me a Wild Card Swap. I couldn’t help but scream “woohoo!” as I realized the possibilities. With this card, I was able to swap my wild card for any card in another player’s flock, even if that card was a sheepdog or rainbow card. Although sheepdogs and wild cards don’t have any points, their value is much higher if you time them correctly. I remember using this card to swap my wild card for my friend’s Rambo worth five points, which ultimately helped me win the game. It was an exciting moment for me as it felt as such a strategic move.

Fido to the Rescue: How Sheepdogs Protect Your Flock in Sheep Dip

Sheep Dip Review: Sheep Dogs

During our gameplay, we also realized how essential sheepdogs are. They can come in handy, especially when protecting your flock from the Hungry Wolf or Gate Left Open cards. However, they can’t do much against Rustlers. Our friend, Tom, was so protective of his flock that he kept his sheepdogs close by all the time, almost like they were his own pets. One time, he screamed “Come on, boy, do your job!” when he used his sheepdog to protect his sheep from the Hungry Wolf. Sheepdogs can also be taken by any other player, swapped with wild cards, and traded on Market Days, making them even more valuable.

Flocking Fantastic: The Exciting Conclusion to Sheep Dip!

Sheep Dip Review: Conclusion

Sheep Dip is a delightful board game that we consider to be a perfect fit for those looking for something light, fun, and simple. It is much like a party game, but it still has quirks of actual board game . Although, I would like to point out that the game could benefit from a bit more control and strategy, I still find it to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The game’s lighthearted nature makes it a perfect filler game, as it provides a quick break from more complex games without sacrificing the fun factor. All in all, I believe that Sheep Dip is a game that is well worth trying out, especially if you’re looking for something that is light, simple, and fun. So, if you’re looking for a game to play with friends, family, or a group of people who are new to the world of board games, Sheep Dip is the perfect choice. You can get it from the official website.