If you are a star wars fan looking for some of the best star wars board games on the market – you have come to the right place.

The star wars fever seems to be affecting everything, and board games are no exception. It is excellent news for anyone who loves playing board games and enjoys the Star Wars galaxy as some of the most notable board games got released over the last couple of years. In fact, there are over two hundred board games that wear a Star Wars theme alone! And if you factor in board game expansions, you can safely triple that number. That is a lot of Star Wars board games!

In our review, you are sure to find a board game for every age, player count and experience level. We have done an exhaustive job to make sure that there is a Star Wars board game for everyone. At the same time, due to the thematical aspect of the genre where the Rebel Alliance opposes the dominance of the Galactic Empire, most Star Wars board games are designed for two players competitive gameplay.

There is no shortage of star wars themed board games, yet the best star wars board games out there are relatively recent. Mostly, due to designers borrowing game mechanics from other board games that have proved to be successful. Good or bad? Probably debatable.

In reality, however, it ensures a refined, proven and market tested boardgame that employs the best board game mechanics.

The below table provides a quick summary of our top picks. It contains some of the key details of the game to see if the game is right for you. Once you found the star wars game you like, click on its link and read the review in more details. For each board game reviewed, you will see pros and cons as well as a summary if you are on the run. Enjoy!

ImagePlayer Count / Duration / Age / Difficulty

Best Overall – Star Wars: Rebellion

Command armies, starships and rally planets to your cause. Perhaps the best full-scale Star Wars encounter you will ever

2 – 4120-240 Min12+Hard

Best Light & Great for Kids – Risk: Star Wars Edition

A simple and accessible board game that recreates the dramatic finale of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

2 – 430–45 Min8+Easy

Best Infantry Battles – Star Wars: Legion

Both aesthetically and thematically incredible Star Wars ground battles with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

260-120 Min12+Medium

Best Epic Scale – Star Wars: Armada

You are a fleet admiral taking control of Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance. A true epic scale head on Star Wars combat.

2120 Min10+Medium

Best Dogfight in Space – Star Wars: X-Wing

A tactical ship-to-ship combat game pitting Rebel X-wings against Imperial TIE fighters. A close to perfect dog fighting board game.

230-45 Min10+Easy

Best Cooperative – Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Cooperative Star Wars board game that pits the team of elite Rebel operatives against the dominating force of the Galactic Empire

2 – 560-120 Min12+Medium

Best Start Wars Hero Battle – Star Wars: Destiny

Short and fast-paced collectible dice and card game featuring battles between the most iconic Star Wars heroes.

230 Min8+Easy

Best Star Wars Card Game – Star Wars: The Card Game

Fast, engaging and intense combat with almost no downtime. Collect cards and build your deck to beat your opponent!

260 Min12+


Best Star Wars RPG – Star Wars: Age of Rebellion
RPG – Beginner Game

The best way to get into the Star Wars’ narrative-driven RPG experience. Easy to start with ‘learn as you go’ approach.

3 – 53-5 Hrs12+Easy
Top 10 Star Wars Board Games

Best Overall – Star Wars: Rebellion

Command armies, starships and rally planets to your cause. Perhaps the best full-scale Star Wars encounter you will ever see.

2 – 4120-240 Min

Best Light, Great for Kids – Risk: Star Wars Edition

A simple and accesible board game that recreates the dramatic finale of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

2 – 430–45 Min

Best Infantry Battles – Star Wars: Legion

Both aesthetically and thematically incredible Star Wars ground battles with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

260-120 Min

Best Epic Scale – Star Wars: Armada

You are a fleet admiral taking control of Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance. A true epic scale head on Star Wars combat.

2120 Min

Best Dogfight in Space – Star Wars: X-Wing

A tactical ship-to-ship combat game pitting Rebel X-wings against Imperial TIE fighters. A close to perfect dog fighting board game.

230-45 Min

Best Cooperative – Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Cooperative Star Wars board game that pits the team of elite Rebel operatives against the dominating force of the Galactic Empire.

2 – 560-120 Min

Best Start Wars Hero Battles – Star Wars: Destiny

Short and fast-paced collectible dice and card game featuring battles between the most iconic Star Wars heroes.

230 Min

Best Star Wars Card Game – Star Wars: The Card Game

Fast, engaging and intense combat with almost no downtime. Collect cards and build your deck to beat your opponent!

260 Min

Best Star Wars RPG – Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG – Beginner Game

The best way to get into the Star Wars’ narrative-driven RPG experience. Easy to start with ‘learn as you go’ approach.

3 – 53 – 5 Hrs

Best Star Wars Board Games of 2019 – Detailed Review

1. Best Overall – Star Wars: Rebellion

Star Wars: Rebellion is an epic scale board game where players get to control the entire Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire arsenal.

The game is epic in almost every sense. In fact, we have previously reviewed and shortlisted the game as one of the best 2 player board games currently available.

The map consists of two game boards and accounts for 32 of the most essential star systems in the Star War’s galaxy. Additionally, there are over 150 plastic miniatures of the highest production quality in the box. All of which makes the Star Wars: Rebellion the largest Star Wars board game experience to date.

My personal favorite - star wars rebellion board game! It has everything I a need from an engaging, thematic and addictive boar game!
The game features asynchronous gameplay as both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance have different ships, heroes and objectives.

Playing for the Imperials feels grandiose as the army at your disposal is enormous to the point where it feels unbeatable. You get to control TIE fighters, Star Destroyers, legions of Stormtroopers, Death Star and Darth Vader himself. To win the game, just like in the movies, you need to discover the Rebel base hideout and destroy it.

As a Rebel player, you genuinely feel outgunned, outmanned and outnumbered compared to the fearsome might of the Imperials. You get to control X-wings, T-47 Airspeeders, troopers, Corellian Corvettes, and Luke Skywalker. To win the game, you need to build a strong alliance with other planets in the galaxy and get their support. The strong reputation and alliance with other galaxy citizens is the key to eventually executing a full-scale revolt and winning the game.

Star wars rebellion board game is a masterpiece, even if it had to wear a different theme.
Although combat is essential in the game, you will find yourself spending most of the time doing missions and navigating your fleet across the galaxy. Conversely, if you are a Rebel player, you want to avoid it all together.

To fully appreciate the board game, the time commitment is required. Thankfully, the game never feels slow as each player can almost play the game at his own pace. As the time runs out, the Rebel player gets closer to victory. On the other side, the tension gradually builds up as the Imperial player learns more about the Rebel base. If the hideout’s whereabouts are discovered, the climactic final confrontation is guaranteed.

Star Wars: Rebellion is a profoundly thematic, strategic and tactical galaxy scale experience. As you play the game, you get to enjoy it more and more since knowing the cards and the edge cases are hugely beneficial. Additionally, to have the best Star Wars board game experience, it is recommended to play with equally enthusiastic board gamers as the game often requires patience and commitment. In return, however, it rewards you with full-scale experience only the best Star Wars board games can offer.

Bottom Line
Star Wars: Rebellion is as epic and as thematic as playing a Star Wars board game can get. It features an enormous game board, over 150 miniatures, and full-scale space battles. Despite that, the game remains personal and detailed which is rare to come by. If I had to pick one board game that delivers the most complete Star Wars experience in board games, Star Wars: Rebellion would be an easy choice despite its length and complexity.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesIntense, immersive and highly thematic gaming experience
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesComponent quality
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesLarge game board and 150 miniatures
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesBoth tactical and strategic
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesSome may find it too long
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesNot for beginner gamers
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesThe rulebook is clear, but too much fine print

2. Best Light Star Wars Board Game – Risk: Star Wars Edition

Risk: Star Wars Edition is a light board game that depicts the dramatic finale of the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi episode.

Although the game supports 2 to 4 players, the one-on-one player setup works the best. Each player gets to lead the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire to either protect or destroy the Death Star.

The cool thing about the board is that it looks like a Tie Fighter. There are three main areas on the board that have a parallel action happening at once – green sideboard, red sideboard, and the center section.

Risk Star Wars Edition is amongst the top 5 best board star wars games for easy, quick yet fun play!
The green sideboard features the Battle of Endor where the Rebels try to assault the power generator to shut down Death Star’s shields. The success in this part of the map is paramount for the Rebel Alliance as unless the power shields are taken down, the Death Star’s defenses are impenetrable.

The red sideboard of the map features a lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. This part of the game is more thematic but not as important. Winning the encounter awards extra command cards which may prove useful on the battlefield.

Finally, the center stage of Risk: Star Wars Edition features the main action area where the Rebel fleet is trying to destroy the Death Star, and the Imperials are doing everything they can to protect it. This is the busiest area of the game where ultimately the victory gets determined. Depending on the side you took, you either need to take the Death Star down or keep it alive and have the Rebel fleet destroyed.

If you are looking for the best star wars board games 2018, then hurry up, Risk: Star Wars Edition is soon coming out of print!
The game is predominantly card driven, but dice is still used, mostly when in combat. Each player gets a deck of command cards, drafting which reveals orders you can assign to different sections of the board. Each card has two to three actions listed on them, which adds a level of variety and allows you to counter your opponent.

It is worth noting that although Risk: Star Wars Edition carries the word ‘Risk’ in its name, it is very different to other Risk games you may have played. It is similar, however, in being positioned as a mainstream boardgame that is extremely accessible, easy to learn and quick to play. Conversely, the gameplay, map, three play areas, and the card driven approach set this game apart from any other Risk game we have played before.

Bottom Line
Risk: Star Wars Edition is a perfect example of the most successful mass-market board game wearing a Star Wars theme. It delivers a surprising level of thematic experience in an easy to learn, fun, and quick to play package. If you are looking for a light strategy board game that you could casually play in under an hour, Risk: Star Wars Edition is one of the best Star Wars board games to have on your shortlist.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesHighly approachable, easy to learn, set up, and play
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesGood recreation of the Return of the Jedi episode
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesA lot of value for little money
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesGreat 2 player board game for light and casual fun
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesThe box and the main board is somewhat flimsy
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesMessy rules, see clarifications for some points here

3. Best Infantry Battles – Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars: Legion is the latest starter set board game of ground battles of the Galactic Civil War.

Each player gets to take on a role of the commander leading either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire ground army.

The starter set includes 33 models that come unassembled. You will find troopers, ground or repulsor vehicles, and best of all – Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

The miniatures build quality is exceptional. They are made of high-quality and sturdy plastic and feature an excellent level of details. It does not require any special skills to put the models together, yet depending on your level of perfectionism, it may take some time.

Star Wars Legion is one of the best star wars themed board games. It is also an amazing war game overall.
You can choose not to paint the models, however, in our view painted miniatures take wargaming to a whole new level.

Like most war games, Star Wars: Legion features a board-free, ruler-based layout that allows you to get creative and design battlegrounds with any items you have at your disposal. So in other words, instead of a board game map divided into sections or regions, you get a clean slate terrain where your units determine the proximity to each other and engage in combat using the ruler.

The game simulates the command and control mechanism and adapts an initiative and activation system. Players start each of six rounds by issuing orders to their squads on the ground. Each order card contains values that determine which player gets to take the turn first and how many units can be engaged.

Going first can bring a significant tactical advantage, so you want to try and beat your opponent as there are pivotal moments in the game that can change the tide of the battle. Command cards have a beautiful design and most importantly deliver a nice thematic punch that is rich in details and extremely fun.

Need a Star Wars Tabletop war game? Look no further, Star Wars Legion is the latest addition from Fantasy Flight Games!
Although Star Wars: Legion comes with a 50-page rulebook, the gameplay is very streamlined and intuitive, so you are unlikely to refer back to it after the first game. The game is new player friendly, so if you are starting out with wargaming and planning to make your way into some more complex wargames, this is a perfect game to consider.

For a core starter set, the game represents a good value and allows you to have a good taste before getting into Star Wars wargaming seriously. At the same time, to get a full-scale experience and have the game come to life, you need to invest in additional upgrade packs and perhaps some terrain and scenery objects. The great thing about it is that you can build your perfect Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire armies just as you want it.

Bottom Line
Star Wars: Legion truly nails the Star Wars theme as it delivers an incredibly aesthetic and thematic Star Wars ground battles that are second to none. If you are looking for streamlined gameplay, amazingly detailed miniatures and a tense thematic battle of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, look no further, this game has it all.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesAmazing delivery of Star Wars feel and aesthetic
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesSuperb component quality
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesStreamlined gameplay
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesA perfect entry point into war board gaming
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesNot enough dice in the box which forces you to have multiple dice rolls
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesNot exactly a straight out of the box playable board game

4. Best Epic Scale Star Wars Board Game – Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars: Armada is an epic two-player game of capital ship combat. It builds on the success of the highly popular Star Wars: X-Wing game (which also we review below).

Unlike its smaller brother, where the game revolves around dogfighting, Star Wars Armada takes the battles to a whole new level. It manages to successfully recreate fleet-sized battles in their full glory and epic scale.

The game is made by Fantasy Flight Games, which are known for their component quality. Star Wars Armada, however, pushes it to a whole new level. It comes with prepainted miniature spaceships which feature one of the most detailed designs we have seen in board games.

Star Wars Armada is the best Star Wars Board Game for epic scale space battles
In the game, each player gets to take on a role of an admiral commanding the Rebel Alliance fleet or the mighty Imperial Navy. You get to control every unit separately, starting with small starfighters and ending with gigantic capital ships. Controlling capital ships and starfighters requires a very different approach due to their difference in size and the role they are summoned to achieve on the battlefield.

Capital ships are enormous in size and weight, therefore their maneuvering capabilities are limited by inertia. As a result, reacting to the dynamically evolving conditions of the battlefield is not always an option. It makes planning an ultimate key to winning battles, keeping your fleet alive and ultimately winning the game.

The game comes with an innovative maneuver tool to help you guide your flagships and squadrons of starfighters. It determines the course and the turning rate your ships can take when in motion.

Star wars best board games are not that easy to find as there are hundreds of them. Read our star wars board game review!
Each spaceship in your fleet has unique features, strengths, and weaknesses. They vary in speed, turning agility, defense capability and firing power, all of which results in a fantastic tactical play.

The rules are relatively straightforward. Once you have your head around key concepts, the game flows nicely and makes total sense. Player turns consist of multiple phases following some of the best skirmish wargame concepts.

Firstly, players get to issue secret orders for the next round. The second step is a lot more engaging as players reveal and carry out orders that got previously issued. Some of which may involve firing weapons and advancing ships on their flying trajectory. Thirdly, players get to engage fighter squads and other smaller spaceships to move or attack. Lastly, players need to attend to some housekeeping needs before starting the next round.

Since the board game release in 2015, over twenty different expansions followed. Most of them represent ships or squadrons that you can add to your map to make battles more epic. At the same time, with so many amazingly detailed spaceships available, the game can get really expensive really quickly. To help you out with picking the best Star Wars Armada expansions, refer to the section at the bottom of this page for details.

The fact that Star Wars Armada is also a collectible board game makes the process of buying expansions slightly less confronting. After all, additional spaceships can add some spice to your board game experience. Alternatively, they can sit gracefully on your glass shelf. Besides, the level of miniature details is stunning. Quite easily one of the best we have seen in board games.

Bottom Line
If one-on-one Star Wars combat at an epic scale is what you are after then Star Wars Armada is one of the best Star Wars board games you will ever come across. It’s tension, and agonizing decision-making process keeps you incredibly engaged in the space battle full of explosions, laser blasts, power shields, buzzing starfighters, and slow, yet powerful capital ships. It is one of those rare gems that strikes a close-to-perfect balance between strategic and tactical play in space.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesPainted miniatures, battleships, custom dice
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesPerfect balance of tactical and strategic play
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesEpic scale galaxy battles
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesA true collectible board game
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesCould get expensive
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesTo truly enjoy the game, Wave I and Wave II expansions are recommended

5. Best Dogfight in Space – Star Wars: X-Wing

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a two-player tactical combat board game of spaceship dogfights. More players can be supported, which requires additional expansions to be bought.

The game sets out to recreate one of the most epic and known space battles in Star Wars between Rebel’s X-Wings and Imperial army’s Tie Fighters.

There are over 60 expansions available for X-Wing, so if you need (which you do) more spaceships on your table, there are plenty of options out there.

Although ship-to-ship combat is at heart of the game, you also get to complete scenarios which have unique victory conditions and special rules. It adds a great tactical angle to each scenario and makes them pleasantly thematic.

X-Wing Miniatures Game has easily made into our top 10 star wars board games!
At the start of the game, each player is required to assemble a squadron of fighters to go on a mission. Players need to pick pilots, upgrades, and weapons that they feel are relevant to the scenario. It is encouraged to try different approaches each time, as it ultimately alters the gaming experience and makes it unique. However, if you still feel that you need more variety, there are plenty of expansions available.

Before starting the turn, players secretly choose the movement for each one of their units. When everyone is ready, players reveal cards simultaneously and re-position their spaceships according to the player movement choices. If any two spaceships end up within the firing range of each other, they can initiate a fight and engage the lasers.

The combat in Star Wars: X-Wing is resolved using a dice. When you score a hit, the opponent’s spacecraft receives a damage card. Dealing sufficient damage ultimately destroys the space fighter. The last player with spaceships left on the board wins the game.

Wondering what are the best star wars board games on the market? X-Wing is surely among the top star wars board games ever made.
Dogfights in X-Wing feel real and intense. You find yourself constantly trying to maneuver your fighters and getting them in firing positions. It may sound too simplistic, but going through the combat can be hilariously fun as your opponent is trying to do the same thing most of the time.

Whether you are in combat or not, the game always feels quick with almost no downtime. It keeps you engaged and addicted throughout the game that only takes around an hour to play. At the end of it, you will feel relieved, but after catching a breather, you would want to start over again.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game may come in a small box with only three starfighters, but it sets the foundation for something much bigger. It allows you to build on top of the starter set and create the Rebel and Imperial fleet as you see it. Adding your favorite spaceships and heroes from the Star Wars universe lets you create a completely custom Star Wars experience that is truly unique and exceptionally beautiful.

Bottom Line
Star Wars: X-Wing was designed to recreate epic battles of space combat between Rebel and Imperial starfighters, and it does a better job at it than any other board game out there. It is quick to learn, has almost no downtime, and features streamlined and thematic gameplay. If you are looking for a Star Wars board game to practice dogfighting skills and have incredible fun doing it, meet the best Star Wars board game for the job.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesFast paced game with almost no downtime
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesEasy to play and introduce to non-gamers
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesExtremely thematic dogfighting experience
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesHigh quality, painted miniatures
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesExpensive expansions

6. Best Star Wars Tabletop RPG – Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a reimplementation of the best-selling scenario driven dungeon crawler Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

Thematically, the game sets the scene after the Death Star destruction, which has sparked a galactic civil war between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

Two to five players can join the fun and pick between two distinct modes of play – campaign or skirmish.

Campaign mode pits one Imperial player (aka dungeon master) against a squad of brave rebellion characters set out to complete scenarios to stop the Galactic Empire.

Imperial Assault is the star wars tabletop rpg that takes the best from Descent and makes it better!

Each campaign consists of multiple scenarios which are linked thematically to deliver great storytelling and a sense of achievement. Failing or winning scenarios impact the storyline and consequently determine the next mission in the campaign. Some scenarios feel a little bit out of balance, where one of the sides feels doomed. However, I never found it distractive enough to lose engagement and not enjoy the game.

While the brave bunch of Rebels is trying to complete quests to gain loot and accomplish missions to progress in the campaign, the Imperial player’s objective is to stop them at all cost. The dungeon master ultimately has limitless troops and resources at his disposal, so playing a smart rather than a tough game is the key for Rebels to win. Besides, the dungeon master has access to secret conditions that would trigger certain events for the Rebels which he can use to help him carry out his evil plot.

As the Imperial dungeon master and Rebel heroes progress throughout the campaign, they get to acquire new skills and gain experience. Character progression is one of the main aspects of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. It allows characters to evolve together with the storyline and adds an excellent level of customization to the gameplay.

Imperial Assault is simply one of the best star wars tabletop RPG out there!
The game’s battle system design favors the defender. To resolve a battle, both players have to roll a dice. While the attacker scores a hit most of the time, the defender is likely to soften the blow or negate the attack. It may sound slightly strange at first, but in practice, it delivers an engaging and fun combat experience.

Alternatively, you can always try the skirmish mode. It is not as epic or storytelling as the campaign mode but delivers a quicker and simpler casual fun. The skirmish game takes around one hour and involves each player building a strike squad with some of his favorite heroes such as Luke, Han, and Chewie to face the opponent’s team. This mode is slightly less about objectives and a lot more about killing. So, if you are after a quick casual Star Wars clash, skirmish mode could be a great option.

Like the best dungeon crawlers out there, Star Wars: Imperial Assault is all about the experience, and it does a remarkable job at it. The miniature sculpts details are phenomenal, the map tiles feature beautiful artwork, and even the rulebooks (there are four of them) are dripping with theme.

Lastly, character progression and the campaign mode add a whole new level of engagement to the game. It makes you invested in your character, immerses you in the storyline and teaches you how to be a great team player. In other words, the game has everything you ever wanted from an epic dungeon crawler in space and much more.

Bottom Line
Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a board game that offers almost too much in terms of experience. The blend of a campaign mode, character development, and insanely thematic gaming experience immerses you so strongly, unlike anything we’ve experienced before. If you are after a tactical miniatures game that looks stunning and is dripping with the Star Wars theme, you may, just like us, found yourself the best Star Wars board game there is.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesThe best and only Star Wars dungeon crawler experience
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesBalanced combat system
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesAmazing component quality
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesCampaign and character progression driven gameplay
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesAmazing fun being the Imperials
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesAiming rules a somewhat flimsy and confusing
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesBoard game setup takes time

7. Best One on One Hero Experience – Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars: Destiny is a collectible card and dice game that takes the Star Wars combat experience to a personal, hero to hero level.

The game comes with two starter packs for Kylo Ren and Rey, so one player gets to represent the Dark Side, and the other gets to be the hero.

The game uses a unique combination of beautifully designed cards and custom dice to resolve battles and ultimately defeat the opponent. Each player gets 24 cards and eight dice, but more could be purchased separately as booster packs if required.

The deck composition is quite simple as it only contains three types of cards – upgrades, events, and support.

Star wars board games best hero to hero action around!
Event cards are played to provide an immediate effect and get discarded after use. Upgrade cards represent tools or additional skills that enhance your character’s stats and improve your chances in combat. Lastly, support cards typically represent a long-term effect that remains in play through the game providing additional benefits to your hero.

Star Wars: Destiny is an extremely accessible game that can be equally enjoyed by casual and more experienced board gamers. The rules are simple and easy to learn, making the game ideal to introduce new players to the world of card and board games. It would only take five to ten minutes to walk through the main concepts of the game and hit the ground running.

The game consists of rounds, which are split into Action and Upkeep phases. During the Action phase, players can play cards from their hand, activate support, resolve the roll or terminate the round early to get additional bonuses.

The Upkeep phase, however, un-exhausts the cards played before and prepares additional resources and cards for the next round.

Looking for a star wars card game and dice game in one? Star Wars Destiny is amazingly simple and fun.
Despite the simplicity, the game feels quite strategic as each action, upgrade or event card requires accurate timing. Getting the pace and timing right ensures that the cards deliver the most value at the time when your opponent expects it the least. Tracking your opponent’s hand is also crucial as most offensive cards have their defensive counterparts that could cancel or reduce the effect.

Overall, the whole game feels like a real-time battle delivering a tense and interactive experience. What we like the best, however, is a great feeling of competition and the drive to be one step ahead of your opponent. If you swing your staff, the opponent can block it and throw you on the ground. If you fire your laser gun, your opponent can deflect the shot and respond with a backfire, to name a few.

Bottom Line
Star Wars: Destiny is a short, fast-paced two-player card game that would appeal to both hard-core and casual board gamers. People new to board games would appreciate simple rules and streamlined gameplay. For more experienced players,  Star Wars: Destiny is a great way to warm up before the main board game event. Both groups, however, should appreciate the healthy competitive play that is both fun and interactive.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesSimple, fun and streamlined gaming experience that works for novice and experienced board gamers
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesUnique synergy of using cards and dice to resolve battles
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesTop level component quality
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesGreat player interaction
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesExpensive game if you want to collect all or most of the cards
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesCCG is not for everyone

8. Best Star Wars LCG – Star Wars: The Card Game

Star Wars: The Card Game is a two-player Living Card Game that follows the best traditions of the highly successful in-house LCG system designed by Fantasy Flight.

More players can be added by buying expansion sets if required.

As with most Star Wars board games, Star Wars: The Card Game pits Rebels against Imperials, but this time around you get to control the specific factions.

On the light side, you can choose between Jedi, Rebel Alliance, Smugglers, and Spies factions. Conversely, on the dark side, the choice is between Imperial Navy, Sith, Scum or Villainy.

If you are after an LCG then Star Wars card game should not be overlooked
Each side of the Force has a unique objective. Imperials would try to activate the Death Star which allows them to obliterate the Rebel’s base. On the other hand, Rebels would seek to destroy three Dark Side’s objectives which would prevent the Death Star from carrying out the attack.

Setting up Star Wars: The Card Game is exceptionally straightforward. Once players have picked their sides, the card deck are selected from the pre-made decks, unless you want to build your own custom deck. Each player needs to pick/draft three objective cards, reveal them, and you are now set for your first space-wide card game encounter!

There are three types of cards available – Unit, Enhancement, and Event cards. Unit cards represent anything from characters and creatures to droids and starships. Those cards are typically used to strike the opponent and deal damage.

Enhancement cards are usually used to make your units more effective either. They often add extra damage or constraining your opponent with special effects.

Lastly, Event cards are the secret sauce of the game. They represent special powers and tactical maneuvers that will form part of your offensive strategic approach.

If you like star wars strategy games with cards, Star Wars Card Game delivers exactly that!
If you have played combat card games before, you probably know that the combat resolution using just cards is not always a smooth or refined process. Star Wars: The Card Game, on the other hand, delivers the tidiest, smoothest card battle experience I have ever come across. Cards are clear, effects are rarely ambiguous, the terminology is bang on, and the whole battle resolution makes perfect sense. There are times when you may question the usefulness of some cards’ abilities, but not the application of them.

Although the game is not that hard to get your head around, it is recommended to watch a helpful rules overview video from Fantasy Flight Games before referring to the rulebook. The video should answer the most common questions and shorten your learning curve.

Despite the game’s reasonable simplicity, it delivers a sufficient strategic experience every time you play it. In fact, your selected faction and your deck mostly determine your strategic approach. There is enough flexibility in the base game to experiment with card combinations. However, if you feel that you are running out of steam, there are plenty of expansions (aka force packs) available to diversify and customize your combat tactics and strategy.

All in all, if you like building decks of cards and the Star Wars theme – Star Wars: The Card Game is one of the best card games you will find.

Bottom Line
Star Wars: The Card Game, is a perfect example of a great two-player card game. Fantasy Flight Games have learned from their previous living card games to finally create one of the most refined and thematic card games to date. It delivers fast-paced and engaging combat with almost no downtime. In addition, the game allows you to endlessly experiment with tactical approaches, heroes, upgrades, and events to create the custom strategy that works for you.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesReal movie characters are printed on the cards
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesIncredibly cinematic feel for a card game
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesSuperb artwork, quality components
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesOne of the best deck-building experiences on the market
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesDark side feels slightly more powerful than Rebels in the base set
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesNeed to buy additional card packs to realise the game’s full potential

9. Best Star Wars Roleplaying Game – Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG – Beginner Game

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is an entry-level role-playing game for three to five players.

The game is specifically designed to introduce new players to the Star Wars RPG universe. It features a step-by-step manual and prepares you for the full-scale RPG experience that comes with the core Age or Rebellion rulebook.

In fact, to produce Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game, the original game was simplified and abridged.

It still, however, represents a complete and a standalone game that has everything you need to get yourself immersed into the role-playing world of Star Wars.

There are number of star wars roleplaying games out, but Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is one of the best ways to start.
In the game, the players take on roles of brave Rebel soldiers set out on their mission to infiltrate the Empire’s Whisper Base hidden deep in the jungle of Onderon. The objective is to capture a clandestine listening post that would allow the Rebels to spy on the Imperial Admiral.

Apart from heroes, there is also a game master or GM. The role of the GM is paramount as it can make or break the role-playing experience. Not only should the person be good at storytelling, but also at judging and helping the team to make fair decisions. Additionally, the GM can also take part in the game if there are characters not controlled by other players.

The game is designed to introduce key concepts and mechanics incrementally as the narrative advances. It prevents players from getting overwhelmed and makes the learning experience more streamlined and enjoyable.

The character sets are also pre-generated, which allows you to get into roleplaying straight away. Players can choose between an engineer, a human ace pilot, a soldier, or a spy. Each character is unique in their background, capabilities and playing styles. In addition to the characters that come with the game, you can also download folios of Jin-Rio and Arkhan. from the publisher’s website.

A true star wars tabletop rpg board game
The character folios tell a story about the character’s background and his relation with the Rebel Alliance.

They also feature quick reference guides, character stats and ways to develop your character going forward. They are beautifully designed and are practical at the same time.

The game comes with fourteen custom dice and nine Destiny tokens, which form the unique engine of the game.

Custom dice are beautifully designed and well made. They feature thematic symbols that contribute to the rich narrative of the game.

Unlike other dice games, where rolling dice is a binary exercise to determine success or failure, dice in Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game are different. They introduce a whole range of intermediate options that change the narrative on the fly. For example, you can pass a role, but take a wound, or fail a roll, but an alternative path opens up.
Bottom Line
Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is an excellent introduction to a narrative-driven RPG experience in the Star Wars universe. The ‘learn as you go’ approach makes the learning process smooth and seamless. It introduces players to game mechanics incrementally that never feels overwhelming. If you are looking for an RPG game that does not determine winners or losers, but instead brings loads of shared fun to the table – Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is a great option to consider.
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesThematic and engaging narrative
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesCustom dice with unique roll results
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesGreat for anyone to start their Star Wars role-playing journey
Product review benefits, pros and advantagesLearn as you play
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesExperience players are better buying the core rulebook
Product review drawbacks, cons and disadvantagesCan take hours to complete

Star Wars Board Games Review – Conclusion

If you have expected only a handful of Star Wars board games in our review, you may be a little overwhelmed. Picking the best Star Wars board games out there is not an easy task. But like with anything, there is a really good reason for it.

Firstly, there are over 200 board games out there with a Star Wars theme. Picking the top 10 board games from such a big pool is already a challenge. Secondly, like most of our reviews, we are trying to pick board games that could appeal to different audiences. We consider gaming style preferences, age, complexity, cooperation or competition and the time available on hands.

Games we have recommended in our list are all different, and most of them are not comparable with each other. To help you choose the best Star Wars board game for you, here is a quick summary of everything we have mentioned above.

If you like to experience one-on-one battles on a smaller, more personal scale then Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is a fantastic board game featuring epic dogfights between Rebel and Imperial starfighters.

If, however, you want to scale the same one on one miniature experience to the point where you have armies at your command, then Star Wars: Armada is simply epic. It allows you to build and control Star Wars armies as you like them.

For anyone who is after a streamlined and family oriented experience – Risk: Star Wars Edition is a great choice. The game is easy to learn, quick to play and works well with kids eight years of age or older. It is perfect for non-gamers, family, and friends.

If however, you are after a full-scale Star Wars board game in its true sense, then Star Wars: Rebellion is probably as good as it gets. It features a large board game map, 150 miniatures, and intergalactic travel. When I get asked for the best Star Wars board game, Star Wars: Rebellion is the first board game that comes to mind. It is my personal favorite that delivers one of the most epic board game experiences I’ve had.

Alternatively, perhaps a competitive style of board gaming is not your cup of tea, and you would much rather enjoy playing with other players as a team? If that is you, then – Star Wars: Imperial Assault is the best cooperative Star Wars board game I can think of. It features a campaign mode and character progression that keeps the thematic storytelling active throughout the game.

In case you prefer playing card games instead of board games Star Wars: The Card Game or Star Wars: Destiny are worth checking out. Although the games vary slightly in their mechanic, the most significant difference is that the first one is an LCG and latter one is a CCG (see references in FAQ).

In short, if you don’t want to be chasing new cards in flat packages only to discover that you already have it, then go for Star Wars: The Card Game. Alternatively, if you are fine potentially spending money on cards you already have – Star Wars: Destiny is a very solid option.

Lastly, for the ones that love war board games in its true sense and prefers to experience epic Star Wars encounter son the ground – Star Wars: Legion is a great choice. In fact, not only it is the best Star Wars war game around, it is one of the top wargames in general.

Oh, and for the ones that want to get into the Star Wars role-playing hobby, Star Wars: Age of Rebellion
RPG – Beginner Game
 is a fantastic place to start. It features a ‘play as you go’ mechanism that blends in storytelling and never feels overwhelming.

Star Wars: Armada – Best Expansions To Buy

Since the release of Star Wars: Armada over 20 different expansions got made. Given that the base game only comes with a couple of battleships, you need more than that to recreate full-blown epic scale space battles.

Armada expansions average somewhere between $20 to $30, so buying all can quickly send you north of $500. The fact is that some expansions provide a better value than others. Besides, since the game is highly customizable, it works with any number of expansions. But keep the fleet balance in mind to ensure each player gets to enjoy the game equally.

Fantasy Flight has released Armada expansions in waves, each having anywhere from two to seven expansions. To help you navigate the maze and find the best value ones, we have compiled a quick reference guide.

Wave 1 Expansion Packs

The Assault Frigate Mark II (for Rebel fleet) and Gladiator-class Star Destroyer (for the Imperial army) are the two most essential expansion packs of wave 1. If you do buy one of them, get the other one too. It helps to have both to keep the game balance in check. Having Assault Frigate Mark II in play allows the rebels to face Imperial Star Destroyers head-on. This one expansion alone adds a lot to the gaming experience.

On a different note, the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer allows the Imperial army to carry navigation crew that helps with battleship movements.

Additionally, CR90 is an excellent choice for Alliance as it is quite agile and fast. Imperial Fighter Squadrons, on the other hand, helps to deal with extremely swift Rebel fighter squadrons.

The complete list of wave 1 expansion packs is:

Wave 2 Expansion Packs

If we had to pick one expansion from the lot as the most valuable, Rogues and Villains is likely to be the one. It represents the smallest cost per spaceship, so it should be the easiest expansion pack to say ‘yes’ to.

You get eight miniatures (4 for each side) of the best-known fighters, bombers, and fighters in the Star Wars galaxy. Although spaceships are small, you will find the famous Millenium Falcon, Slave 1, JumpMaster and other known space vessels included in the set.

If you are looking to add some epic scale to your fleet, Home One and Imperial-class Star Destroyer are great expansions to consider.

The complete list of wave 2 expansion packs is:

Wave 3 Expansion Packs

There were only two packs released in wave 3, which feels a little empty. Both packs feature support type vessels, such as a carrier and a transport ship.

In short, you could easily experience the full scale of space battles without having any one of those two packs. At the same time, if your wallet stretches enough and you are a collector, you may want to look into those two sets for completeness.

The complete list of wave 3 expansion packs is:

Wave 4 Expansion Packs

Wave 4, similarly to wave 3, feels a bit lackluster as it only features two additional spaceships. Conversely, they are amongst the biggest ones and deliver more ‘epic’ value than spaceships from the previous wave.

If we had to pick one, it would be the Interdictor, as it allows you to slow down the Rebel fleet. Which, when timed well, can provide a tremendous tactical advantage.

The complete list of wave 4 expansion packs is:

Wave 5 Expansion Packs

Wave 5 delivers four expansion packs that are quite balanced for both the Rebels and the Imperials. The two squadron packs Imperial Fighter Squadrons II, and Rebel Fighter Squadrons II provide the most value as they include four miniatures each. Those packs look far from epic but add a necessary distraction to harass bigger flagships as well as disrupt enemy fleet formations.

Also, those two small sets add a load of fun into the game. They can fly close to the larger enemy ships teasing them and almost certainly getting away when needed.

If you are looking for grandeur rather than value, then Imperial Light Cruiser and Phoenix Home is the way to go.

The complete list of wave 5 expansion packs is:

Wave 6 Expansion Packs

The last wave brings only two new expansion packs. They do not necessarily speak value, but rather bring a new, exciting twist to the gameplay.

The Imperial Light Carrier can take on a role of a mobile command HQ. In conjunction with other cards, it can also disrupt the defenses of enemy ships in proximity.

Alternatively, Hammerhead Corvettes expansion pack comes with two spaceships classified as carriers. At the same time, they are tough enough to take part in a full-scale space encounter. Besides, the two ships can work together by bringing the new formation tactics to the battlefield.

The complete list of wave 6 expansion packs is:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Different Star Wars Board Games There Are?
There are over 200 board games that carry the Star Wars theme. This number does not include expansions.
What is Command & Control?
Command and Control is a mechanism in wargames where players take on roles of commanders. The player typically gets control over all units on the map. More often than not, the player is able to issue individual orders to units or formations.
What is a skirmish board game?
A skirmish board game most of the time represents a man-to-man war board game. Each unit typically represents a single piece of machinery, a hero or a character. The idea behind skirmish board games is to mimic the real world military tactics. It allows to model full-scale battles and experience ways to achieve a desired result on the battlefield.
LCG stands for a Living Card Game, whereas CCG stands for a Collectible Card Game.

Both games share the core principles of deck building by buying additional packs to enhance your deck. The key difference is how you get those additional cards, expansion packs or booster packs.

For LCG, cards contained in each expansion pack are known upfront. This makes building your deck a pretty straightforward exercise, as you only buy the cards you need.

For CCG, the cards in the booster pack are hidden unless you open the pack. I am sure that some board gamers have no issues with this approach, but most card collectors find it frustrating. The problem is that, more often than not, you end up buying cards that you already have. As a result, it takes a lot more money to build the deck you want. Conversely, if sinking money into duplicate cards is not a concern, there is absolutely nothing wrong with CCGs.

What is a true RPG?
RPG stands for Role Playing Game. It is hard to precisely define the term as it is quite broad. Over time, the definition of RPG has undergone a number of interpretations and has become muddied.

In my opinion, RPG games see you take on a role of fictional characters to undertake quests in a fictional world. Any true and traditional roleplaying game would most likely share the following elements:

  • Character progression where skills, statistics of the characters can be improved over the course of the game
  • A storyline that underpins the game which is usually very thematic and engaging
  • Quests and side missions that are integrated into the storyline