Tired of going out? Bored with binge-watching? Perhaps too much time behind the table playing chess with your partner? Want some engaging and interactive time for just the two of you?

We’ve got a great way to spend an evening together with some of the best board games for couples out there. Get ready to have an interactive, engaging, and entertaining evening you are sure to enjoy.

Below we’ve reviewed ten of the top couples board games that let you and your partner become spies, build empires, design quilts, trade-in markets, and much more.

In our top 10 list, we’ll look at one vs. one games and cooperative games alike. We’ve covered card-driven games and role-playing games. We’ve also been time considerate with short and long play games.

Read on and discover ten of the best games for a couple’s game night. Just the two of you and a game to play.

Some time to laugh and learn together. And who knows, by the end of the evening one or both of you may conquer the world, save the day, or solve a murder mystery.

Image Player Count / Time / Age / DifficultyTop 10 Couples Board Games

Best Romantic – Fog of Love – Passion Love

Best Romantic – Fog of Love – Passion Love

Couples play two vivid characters who meet, fall in love and face the challenge of making an unusual relationship work. A complex, immersive and emotional journey presents plenty of roleplaying, awkward situations, lots of laughs and plenty of challenging compromises to make.

2 60-120 Min 17+ Easy

Best Abstract – Azul

Best Abstract – Azul

Ever wanted to decorate a palace? You can with Azul, by drafting tiles and laying them out in beautiful patterns and colorful sets. Abstract, creative, yet very competitive fun for a great couples evening.

2 – 4 30-45 Min 8+ Very Easy

Best Classic Board Game for Couples – Imperial Settlers – Empires of the North

Best Classic Board Game for Couples – Imperial Settlers – Empires of the North

Develop your economy, fence off your opponent, and become the dominating civilization in the north. Each clan plays differently which delivers lots of replay value and interactive and competitive fun!

1 – 4 45-90 Min 10+ Easy

Best Investigation – Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Best Investigation – Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Take on roles of the case investigators in Victorian-era London, England. You and your partner get to work together to find, analyze and make sense of clues to resolve cases based on the Jack the Ripper murders.

1 – 8 60-120 Min 14+ Easy

Best Easy & Quick Clash – Patchwork

Best Easy & Quick Clash – Patchwork

A short, relaxing, straightforward and strategic Tetris or puzzle-like game making the most aesthetic patchwork quilts. A perfect mix of money and time management as well as opponent reading.

2 15-30 Min 6+ Very Easy

Best Strategic – Twilight Struggle

Best Strategic – Twilight Struggle

A deeply thematic and strategic experience for couples wanting to go all-in. The game simulates the Cold War dance of intrigue, prestige, and confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States.

2 120-180 Min 14+ Hard

Best Card Game For Couples – Jaipur

Best Card Game For Couples – Jaipur

A fast-paced card game that perfectly mixes tactics, risk and luck. Each player takes on a role of a powerful trader in the city of Jaipur. Become the most successful trader in the city and you get to win the game.

2 30 Min 8+ Very Easy

Best Civilization Building – 7 Wonders – Duel

Best Civilization Building Competition – 7 Wonders – Duel

An intense strategy civilization building game where players compete to build civilizations with the most advanced constructions. Win through economic, culture, science, and military achievement.

2 30 Min 10+ Easy

Best Light Strategy – Santorini

Best Light Strategy – Santorini

Santorini is an accessible light strategy game that is simple enough for non-gamers to play, yet deep enough for hardcore gamers to explore.

2 – 4 20 Min 6+ Easy

Best Couple Teamwork – Codenames: Duet

Best Couple Teamwork – Codenames: Duet

Alternate with your partner to give each other one-word clues to find all of your agents on tiles in front of you.  Through teamwork and collaboration you get to win or lose the game together.

2 – 4 15-30 Min 12+ Very Easy

Best Board Games For Couples – Our Top 10 Picks

1. Best Relationship Building – Fog of Love – Passion Love

Welcome to your very own virtual romantic comedy where you and your partner get to be the stars.

Fog of Love is a relationship adventure for couples looking to have some laughter and learn about each other a little more.

Together, you get to cooperate to create a romantic story full of twists and turns.

The game starts with picking a story and creating your characters. Some decisions you get to make, though others are left to chance.

You also receive a character trait and destiny cards that provide you with some guidelines for how your character makes choices.

As you play through the synopsis of your first date, and for the rest of the game, you are faced with choices such as choosing your first date, when to first kiss, and many others. You and your partner get to reveal your decisions at the same time and points are awarded based on those choices. Making similar choices awards bonus points thematically suggesting a good match.

You also get to play react cards as a response to your partner’s choices. They include things like walking out of a restaurant during an argument, apologize, and other responses to difficult situations. The choices and reactions progress in-depth as your relationship grows.

Fog of Love is a brilliant chance for couples to improve fun and maybe relationship whether you are married or not

Ultimately, you are both trying to achieve your personal destiny cards by the game’s end and also fulfill your individual trait objectives some of which are opened to your partner. In addition, there are hidden objectives (secrets) that are only revealed at key moments and add interesting twists to the gameplay.

Fog of Love serves as a spot-on romantic comedy role-playing game filled with twists and turns. While it takes some time to get your head around it, it makes sense to go through the tutorial game first, it facilitates the learning process and makes it more comprehensible.

Bottom Line

Skip the rom-com on Netflix and create your own story with your partner in Fog of Love. It’s romantic, funny, interactive, and a great board game for a couple’s game night. It helps you to recall some of your real experiences together as you play through your first date or first kiss or any other of the scenes. If you are in a romantic mood for a special evening together, Fog of Love is one of the best relationship games for couples we are sure you’d enjoy.

Fog of love played with well made components High-quality components
can be boutght only for love and relationship building Fun relationship challenge for couples to play
Replay value
cooperative game for two players who love challenges Cooperative challenge with romantic twists
most lost games are emotions driven May become emotionally challenging
players can kick off in 15 minutes Takes a little time to learn

2. Best Abstract Fun for Couples – Azul

Azul, at first, seems to be a typical straight forward tile game. However, the more you play, the more strategies you begin to appreciate and employ.

For an artsy couple, this is quite a romantic board game as you compete to create designs. But any couple can enjoy this competitive turn-based game.

The story is that you and your partner have been challenged to decorate, with tiles only, the Royal Palace of Evora. Do you fancy the challenge?

Each player starts with their own game board where they amass a series of tiles. The tile area is five by five and no two tiles may be repeated horizontally or vertically.

It sounds simple enough, but there is so much more. On each turn, you pick a selection of tiles that were previously and randomly selected and placed together on a coaster. Each coaster represents a factory.

The catch is you may only use tiles which are the same color from the factory. The unused tiles go to create a new factory in the center of the other factories. After the first round, you may choose the center factory as well, though there is a point penalty each time you do so.

Azul is one of the most aesthetically pleasant tabletop game products we have ever seen.

After each round of choosing your factory and tiles, you move the tiles from the staging area to your design area and tally your score. The game ends once a player completes a row in the playing area. This typically happens in the 5th or 6th round.

Azul plays pretty simple, but as you play your ideas about the game grow in complexity. The rules are straightforward but allow for some serious thought and forward planning.

Bottom Line

Azul is great for a couples game night as it is challenging, short, quick to pick up and play. It is that rare case when simple mechanics and a deep strategy have married to complement each other resulting in a multitude of creative ways to win the game. With excellent aesthetics and superior component quality, Azul is becoming one of the most popular couples games on the market.

Simple strategy, deep tactics
love fast-pased action and decision making Fast-paced actions
After having played it for 10 times, there is lots of replayability Replay value

Winner of Game of the Year

Top class aesthetics
Over before you know it
Some reliance on luck

3. Best Classic Board Game For Couples – Imperial Settlers – Empires of the North

The new land has been discovered and someone has to claim it! Is it going to be you or your partner?

Imperial Settlers is a competitive game that allows you to pick one of four classic factions (Japanese, Barbarian, Roman, or Egyptian) then build an empire in five rounds, and claim the new land as yours.

The goal is to acquire the most victory points by the end of the game.

To gain points you need to put up buildings, occupy them to acquire resources, and then build more buildings. But don’t forget as the other player is doing the same thing, so prepare for the conflict when the right time comes.

In Imperial Settlers each faction has its own deck of cards and a player board. Each round starts with drawing cards from your own faction deck as well as the common deck.

The game has three main phases of the game by playing your cards into the production, feature, or action portions of your playing board.

Each card you play may generate more resources, build bigger or better buildings, provide victory points, or a host of other possibilities. The two most important aspects of the cards are knowing which phase they belong to and whether they affect all players or if they are unique to your faction.

Keep an eye on the war possibilities and victory points. Each round increases in time, complexity, and fun.

Imperial Settlers is a great date night game for fun at home. Learning the rules and setting up the game board is straightforward. The individual decks and unique traits of each faction provide a different experience every time you play. And five succinct rounds of play keep the action going and push you to commit to an action and deal with the outcome.

The game also plays well with 3 players, hence you can keep it aside for a small group fun too. To learn more about 3 player games, we suggest you check our latest review on the best 3 player board games.

Bottom Line
Imperial Settlers is a competitive and fun game for couples game night that gets you to develop the economy, defend from the other player, and dominate the cities of the north. This light strategy game requires some thought but just enough to share some laughs at parallel conversations as you play along. The artwork is fantastic and adds some light cartoonish feel to the overall experience.
Unique faction abilities
Very accessible to learn
Straight forward gameplay
player board for a solo mode Has a solo mode
Can feel too short
Could be more interactive

4. Best Couple Investigation – Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a classic investigation board game for the curios couples to play, take on the challenge, and solve mysteries.

The franchise started in 1981 and has been a hit from the very beginning. If you have played previous versions of the game, you will find game mechanics familiar with a new thematic spin added to the mix.

Set in the 1800s in the city of London the game pits you and your partner against Holmes himself.

Beating the master detective is a tough ask as solving the case with fewer leads than Holmes feels unreachable.

At the same time, I’d like to think of it as a ‘stretch’ objective for anyone looking for an additional challenge.

If you and your ‘Watson’ are up for an evening filled with a detective mystery, Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures is a great place to start.

The game features a London Directory, map of London, and newspaper archives filled with hints and thematic characters. Despite working best with couples or two players, the board game can scale up to 8 players.

As you read through the case book you get leads or clues and then you get to choose which ones you follow. The game plays a lot like a choose your own adventure, but this is not the ones from your childhood days.

In order to beat Holmes, you have to pay attention to every detail and make close to flawless decisions every turn. Having said that, it is also just a really good time solving the case with your partner whether you beat Holmes or not.

The quality and aesthetics of these game pieces really are remarkable. The news archives provide leads but also contain some comical relief.

The cases are difficult. I have never beaten Holmes, though we have solved most cases. There is literally no room for any errors or extra moves if you are apt to beat the master detective himself. At the same time, it provides a challenge that always adds a spark of motivation for the players to improve with every game.

In addition, having played the game a number of times, the game has a solid thematic character that works better than most expectations players familiar with the works might have. It walks a fine balance to remain original enough yet avoids the risk of over-familiarity at the same time.

Bottom Line

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is one of the top 2 player games for the ultimate thrill of investigating murders and solving cases. It requires just the right amount of teamwork to succeed and delivers great couple interaction. The case files, especially the four on Jack the Ripper, also provide conversations long after the game ends.

Truly cooperative game
Thematic gameplay throughout
Very challenging
Replayable cases
Can take more than 1.5 hours
Beating Holmes is extremely tought

5. Best Tetris Fun – Patchwork

I know, I know a game about quilting, but trust me it is fun, quick, and simple.

Patchwork is competitive quilting at its finest as you are about to discover that patching quilts in an art.

The goal is to see who can create the nicest looking quilt and score the most points.

In Patchwork, players take turns building a ‘quilt’ on nine by nine tile quilt boards.

You buy patches with buttons, of course! Play does not always alternate as the player furthest back on the Time Board plays next.

On each turn, you have to consider the cost of the available patches, where the patch fits on your game board, and the amount of Time Tokens required for the most effective move.

As you manage those decisions, keep in mind that there are bonus button tokens for landing on or passing the button icons. And don’t forget about the free patches available on the Time Board.

While the name Patchwork may not conjure up fierce competitiveness, be careful. You and your partner may find yourselves calling rematch after rematch.

With a pretty simple gameplay and set up you’ll have all the time you want to think ahead and plan your next patch purchase. But don’t forget your partner is planning too.

All your plans dwindle when they buy your perfect patch, but do not worry you will find another option quickly. And it may be even better than your original idea.

Bottom Line

Patchwork is an extremely streamlined and fun game for couples to enjoy despite having a plain theme. It does not require an elaborate strategy to have a great and competitive time together. Some light creativity, planning ahead and a good mood is all you need to enjoy Patchwork.

Takes just 30-45 minutes
Simple gameplay and rules even children may play
Addictively competitive
A bit simplistic strategy-wise
The theme is lacking

6. Best Strategy Game for Couples – Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is a thematic 2 player game of Cold War tension between the two world superpowers -the USA and the USSR.

It is a Card-Driven War game (CDG) where you try to earn victory points for the country you control.

It is a cold war, hence there is no direct conflict you need to resolve. At the same time, walking the fine line between getting into one and keeping the world at peace can be more challenging than having a direct confrontation.

The board represents a world map of the cold war period, whereon players move their units and exert influence over countries and regions to gain allies and control for their superpower.

Event cards is what makes the game unique and engaging as they add details and flavor to recreate the thematic atmosphere of the era. They cover the most historical events, such as the Arab-Israeli conflicts of 1948 and 1967, the Vietnam war, the Moon landing, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and other incidents that brought the world to the edge of nuclear annihilation.

In addition, you have to compete in the arms race and the space race, plus you’ll have to manage walking the fine line of provocative actions which may initiate nuclear war and make you lose the game immediately.

In addition to strategizing your own play, you must keep careful tabs on your partner’s play. Thinking about their perceived next move can be more important than knowing your own next move.

Twilight Struggle is a 2 person cold war saga, players should expect tension and heat

The game takes up to ten rounds with more historical events being added to the deck, drawn, and played. Furthermore, additional cards are added to the deck as time moves to the Mid War and Late War.

Twilight Struggle is a complex asymmetric strategy tabletop game that is incredibly well thought out to maintain a fine balance between the opposing sides. The game recreates true historical events that generate a feeling of enormous tension making it the best war game for couples I’ve ever played.

In fact, it was one of the first couples tabletop games I bought to play with my wife and it still regularly hits our table. I was at first concerned with the complexity that may turn my wife off, yet her fascination over the educational part of the game was sufficient to see her through.

It does take some time to learn, but it is definitely worth it as there is no other game on the market that can deliver anything quite like it as far as the thematic feel and the depth of the strategic experience. According to the most authoritative online board gaming resource Board Games Geek, Twilight Struggle currently takes the top spot amongst any other strategy games that are based on war or conflict.

Bottom Line

Twilight Struggle is a strategy game of thematic experience where you find yourself emerged in the Cold War era. The game almost leads you into thinking that you are indeed a real world superpower. If you like history, competition, and deeply thematic tension based on real events, Twilight Struggle is one of the best board games for couples to spend a good evening together keeping the world in one piece.

one of the most thematic strategy games out there Deeply thematic
report suggest historical facts are accurate Historically accurate events and characters
Highly strategic and competitive
Great replay value
Takes time to learn
Can take up to 3 hours

7. Best Couples Card Game – Jaipur

Jaipur is a card game that takes you to the Middle Eastern market where great buying and selling skills are rewarded. You trade everything from diamonds and gold to camels and spices.

And you are doing so with delightfully decorated cards and pogs (round cardboard button like pieces) which are the only components of the game.

The goal of this two-player game is to become a personal trader to Maharaja.

To do this you have to gain two ‘seals of excellence’ during the possible three rounds of play. One seal is given in each round.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and has a thriving market. You and your partner are rival merchants with five cards each. There are another five cards (three camel cards and two random cards) face up in the center to complete the marketplace.

On your turn you may only do one of two things – buy a card from the market or sell the ones you already have in exchange for pogs. As the goods diminish and camels acquire in front of you so do your points grow. The round ends when three of the pog piles are gone.

Then you add up the points and award the ‘seal of excellence’ to the merchant with the most points.

Buy and sell cards from your hand as a middle East merchant of Jaipur

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic concept of managing hands, buying and selling. You will quickly become a cutthroat trader in Jaipur if you make right choices at the right time. Once you get the knack for the marketplace and pick up on how the trading increases you will regularly gain at least one ‘seal of excellence.’ With persistence, you’ll soon be winning two and thus the game as well.

Bottom Line

Jaipur is a super simple trading card game that is fast-paced and really fun to play. It’s addictive nature and gateway level simplicity is sure to attract a lot of couples attention. Moreover, its portability make it a great choice to take on the road and play repeatedly, overall, making it one of the top card games for couples we’ve played.

Specifically designed for two players
Can be picked up in 5 minutes
Design and artwork
The better you get at it, the more competitive it gets
Somewhat expensive for a card game
Too quick – can be over before it starts

8. Best Light Civilization Building – 7 Wonders – Duel

7 Wonders Duel is an empire building card game from the creators of the highly acclaimed 7 Wonders series of games.

The difference, however, is that Duel has been specifically designed to be played by two people, hence competitive couples are sure to find this light civilization rivalry engaging and interactive.

In this game, you are trying to put up buildings to create a more prosperous empire than your partner throughout three rounds of play. In addition, if you want to spice up your civilization, building a wonder is a sure way to get ahead.

There are three ways to win the game. You can win instantly through the military track or by completing six scientific breakthroughs. The most common way to win, however, is by having the most victory points by the end of the game.

The game plays through three ages where you draft cards that are visible to you and your partner. Each card provides a variety of options to build a wonder, advance your military, provide resources for other buildings, and a few other possibilities too.

As you move into the second and third ages, cards increase in costs, powers, and abilities because your empire is growing as well. Of course, this also means that game strategy becomes more important. And don’t forget that your military and science options increase making the instant win more likely.

Spice up your evening and expect a heated competition with Duel

While there are some similarities to other games in the series, Duel provides a unique experience for a couple. It is not just an add-on or a two-player version from the 7 Wonders franchise.

As such, the Duel is worth the addition to your couples game night collection. The game provides enough differences in each age that you are able to play through it time and time again.

Since the original release, the board game has seen multiple expansions to follow and other versions of the game. Video, app, online and other digital alternatives have also been released which proves a wide success and adoption of the game.

Bottom Line

7 Wonders Duel offers a great way to have an entertaining evening with your partner playing a card-driven empire building game. With multiple ways to win, you can choose if you focus on military strength, science or other facets of civilization building to outsmart your opponent. A filler tabletop game that is sure to find a place on any couples shelf.

pretty game at affordable price A highly acclaimed gameplay tailored for couples
3 routes to victory Instant win options make it intriguing
Rich tactical choices for players Many tactical choices
Strategy changes while playing
Some choices feel forced
Game can become predictable

9. Best Light Strategy Fun – Santorini

Travel to one of the most known Greek islands of Santorini in the updated version of the original game released in 2004.

Sure the real one may be more beautiful, but this game runs a close second with a 3D board and beautiful artwork throughout.

The goal involves being the first player to occupy the top tier of a tower or create a scenario where the other player has no other moves.

Sounds pretty simple right, but it is the Greek Isles so don’t forget about the Gods, Heroes, and special powers.

The setup is gorgeous as it features a 3D playing board and pieces as well as unique builders color-coded with a follower.

Play starts by simply placing each of your workers on the board anywhere you chose. You then take turns until someone stands atop the third level of a tower.

Each turn starts with moving your worker or their follower followed by adding or building a piece of the tower.

Santorini comes with pretty 3D cities and tower pieces

The caveat is you may not move to any space occupied by your opponent.

Oh, and there is a fourth layer of the tower, a dome that serves to cap it. If you construct a dome, no player may stand atop a tower or build more levels. This is a great technique if you want to stop your opponent from advancing.

If that’s not enough to make simple rules tactical, some cards provide God powers and Hero abilities that give unique building or moving options to your worker.

Santorini is an abstract game that features an amazingly interactive gameplay competitive couples would love.

It is fun to set up and looks awesome while playing. It is really easy to learn but takes many tactical plays to master. Despite being quite competitive, it is one of those fun games for couples to play at home to get a swift and positive boost of laughter combined with healthy rivalry.

Bottom Line

Santorini features a beautiful game design and setting in the Greek mythological age. Building towers and blocking your opponent has never been this much fun providing a perfect couple entertainment for the evening. Swift gameplay, lots of replay value and a friendly but very competitive feel make this game one of the best filler board games for couples that could be enjoyed in 20 minutes or less.

a product with 3D pieces and game board Quality made 3D components
Great thematic adoption of what is an abstract game at heart
Cool mechanic of building towers
Simple rules
God powers unevenly paired

10. Best Couple Teamwork – Codenames: Duet

If you and your partner enjoy espionage, suspense, and have tons of inside jokes, then Codenames: Duet is a good way to share the evening together.

The game plays similar to the original game of Codenames released in 2015, yet this time around, this version was specifically created and tailored as a cooperative game for two people and works magic with couples.

Codenames: Duet sets up in a couple of minutes. First, you lay out the card grid, fifteen agent and assassin cards, as well as nine gray timer tiles with bystander images on them.

You and your partner give each other hints trying to find the fifteen different agents hidden on the card grid.

One thing that makes this Codenames version unique is the key card, as it is two-sided. Place the key card between the two of you so that you can each only see one side of the card. Each side of the key card contains nine green marked words, three of which are the same for each player. Each side also contains three assassins, guess any of the three and you lose immediately.

Your clues are given by stating a single word and a number. The word you chose should make some connection to other words printed on the cards and the number indicates how many cards correlate to the clue given.

The idea is for one player to come up with good enough clues so that the other player guesses the right cards containing agents and not bystanders or an assassin. You continue to exchange clues for up to nine rounds or until you’ve discovered all fifteen agents. Or of course, unless you guess the assassin.

Pose questions of different categories and products to win together with your couple

The game makes a great association spy challenge for couples to collaboratively puzzle each other. It allows you to get creative by using the inside jokes when coming up with clues and having some laughter at the same time.

The game is truly cooperative as you make your own decisions but share the outcome with your partner every round. Codenames: Duet meets any couple’s desires for a quick and challenging game of wits. 

Bottom Line

Codenames: Duet builds on the successful and time-tested Codenames franchise gameplay but remains a stand-alone card game of wordplay and deduction. The specifically cooperative design makes it a perfect fit for you and your partner to spend an evening guessing, puzzling and laughing. With a small box and simple setup, it is one of the best fun games for couples to play at home or on the go.

A lot of replay value
Can be learned in 5 minutes
A perfect gift for any couple Specifically designed for 2 players
Designed for 2 players and team work Fosters teamwork
At Amazing value
Words can be difficult
Some may find it too challenging

Best Rated Games For Couples – Recommendations

So there you have it, ten of the best board games for couples for you and your partner to spend an amazing evening together. Playing games on the board offer engagement, player interaction, and even some intimacy the online and digital counterparts are just not able to do. They provide couples with fun and laughter as well as positively strengthen and bond your relationship with the other half.

Whether you enjoy a sense of rivalry playing a competitive game or teamwork and shared objectives, we hope you found a perfect pick for you and your partner on our list.

You can play short games that are less intensive like Azul, Patchwork, or Santorini. They’re fun and lighthearted and are great for right after dinner or just before bed. If you prefer light card games, then Jaipur is a great option to consider.

Games like 7 Wonders Duel, Codenames: Duet, or Imperial Settlers: Empire of the North are perfect for a weekend night. They’re long enough to spend the evening together and you won’t worry when they take a bit longer than expected.

And if you’ve got a long weekend or cozy day at home and love strategy games, you can tackle something a bit more complex with Twilight Struggle or Sherlock Holmes Consulting Agency.

But to really learn what your soulmate is thinking, for better or worse, check out Fog of Love. It adds a perfect touch of love and romance into the relationship building.

At the end of the day, we believe it would be hard to go wrong with any of the top couple board games on our list. To start, we recommend you to just pick one in almost any category and go with it. Playing games is the only way to figure out what you like and what you don’t as well as what works for your couple. The evening is yours for just the two of you so enjoy it with some of the best games for 2 players out there!

As always, please share your thoughts on the relationship games for couples or romantic board games you’ve played and would recommend for others! Especially if some have improved your relationship or made positive impacts in your life.